STYL & KABO show BRNO as a city of fashion

April 26, 2024  /  5:00 PM

The 63rd edition of the STYL & KABO fairs will take place in August; the ordinal number is almost unbelievable. The theme will this time be fitting: BRNO – the City of Fashion. Czech and foreign exhibitors will present new fashion collections of clothing, footwear and accessories. The catwalk will feature both exhibiting companies and fashion designers or students, whose collections are always remarkably interesting and inspirational. Let yourself be inspired, and visit Brno – the City of Fashion on 23-25 August.

Moravian Manchester

This summer, you will learn everything you need to know about this phenomenon. This trail with twelve stops traces the history, personalities and places associated with the phenomenon called Moravian Manchester. It offers a unique insight into the nearly three centuries when Brno was at the forefront of the world's textile industry.

Fashion shows are full up

Not so long ago, we were admiring new collections, beautiful styles and charming models at the STYL & KABO fashion fairs, and their next edition is already under preparation. The August fairs will follow on the spring ones and may surpass them in terms of the number of shows featured. At the moment, the shows are almost full to capacity. Not only exhibitors, but also fashion designers and young students are increasingly showing interest in presenting selected pieces. So, what can we look forward to in August? Beautiful clothes, shoes and handbags, exclusive fabrics and cuts, as well as urban fashion that accompanies us on every step of our ways.

Gala evening – STYLE like BRNO

The traditional cherry on the cake of all trade shows is the gala evening. This time, the shows will pay tribute to Vivien Westwood and Andy Warhol. The fashion designer and creative director of the Czech Miss – Sam Dolce – will present his collection. Additional designers will also be present – Michael Miroslav Knot, Iveta Řádková and more. All of them will have to somehow stand up to the theme of Brno – the City of Fashion. And also, our young students in the Fashion Puppies programme will expand on this theme.

Sign up and be part of the traditional summer edition

Almost over a hundred companies have already registered and the blocks of exhibitors' show are almost full, so the time is up to apply😊!