EPICA – shoes you won’t want to take off

February 18, 2024  /  3:29 PM

EPICA has been growing significantly in the Czech and Slovak Republics. It first appeared at Kabo in 2018, and the curve has been very upward ever since. Slovakia, however, is still doing better because the ladies there are not afraid of colour and variety, and they know how to combine all together.

Epica gathers inspiration for its wonderful and outstanding shoes from its customers. Epica is mainly characterised by interesting heels and striking accessories. And because those are elegant and non-traditional shoes, they are especially suitable for boutiques, because there one sells the other. "But you can get everything from us, including snow boots and classic shoes, so customers don't have to worry about sticking out too much if they're afraid of that," says Zuzana Solanesová who represents the company EPICA.

At Epica‘s stand, you will mainly find the autumn and winter 2024 collection, although you can't help but notice the beautiful pumps from the "Made in Brazil" collection with special stilettos and in amazing colour combinations. Your eyes will be also caught  by interesting colourful models of the Gryxx brand, which are innovative in almost everything. They are the only ones in men's design you can find at this stand.

"The trouble with end customers is that they try to claim scratched and otherwise mechanically damaged shoes, and if you don't accommodate them, they slander the whole brand in a very ruthless way," sighs the very energetic and smiling Zuzana Solanesová, who really loves her job.

If you want shoes from Epica in your store or boutique, you still have about a month to place your orders, and then you can look forward to getting them in September.