333 brands at springtime fashion fairs

January 29, 2024  /  9:00 AM

This year's springtime STYL and KABO fashion fairs will take place from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 February 2024, enjoying a great acclaim. 152 companies have signed up, many of them making their debut here. There are 20 new exhibitors across a range of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories.  Alongside the existing exhibitors, they will present a total of 333 fashion brands to visitors! In addition to Czech companies and manufacturers, foreign brands such as German, Slovak, Polish, Greek or Italian will also be represented.  "In addition to the latest collections at the exhibitors' stands, you can also anticipate attractive fashion shows by companies and young designers," says Martin Škarka, director of the fairs.

Inspiration not only for weddings

Wedding, a solemn moment in human existence, an event that happens once, sometimes even more than once in a lifetime.  It has become the theme of this year's springtime edition of the fashion fairs, so you can look forward not only to the traditional collections of women's, men's and children's clothing, fashion accessories, footwear and leather goods, but also to wedding editions. Textile school students have also taken the theme as their own, and will be presenting collections entitled "Wedding in 2050" at the fairs! You can therefore look forward to interesting and unconventional models by our future fashion designers.

In addition to these, you will also see catwalk shows presenting lingerie, evening dresses and other interesting outfits supplied by exhibiting companies every day.  Near the catwalk, you will find wedding and evening dress rentals, make-up stands and a relaxation area including the popular fresh bar. The fashion fair will also include lectures on sustainability in manufacturing and new developments in the world of textiles and footwear. The traditional award ceremonies will not be missed, and a gala evening is planned for exhibitors on Friday. Not only wedding dresses and accessories will shine at the spectacular show, but also other models that are moving the fashion world. In addition to the fashion show, guests are also in for delicious catering. 

New visual

If there is one fair in the portfolio of the Brno trade fairs where its visuals and faces matter the most, then it is STYL and KABO. For the February edition, Gabriela Lašková and Iveta Vítová Lutovská shot the photos of the new visual. Both models are participants of the Miss competition as well as presenters.  Last summer, they not only walked around the whole expo, but were also part of the catwalk at the SUMMER STYLe Fashion Show and could not be overlooked. And what did Iveta Vítová wish for the STYL and KABO fairs this summer? "Mainly to keep them going, they have a huge tradition, and it would be a shame if they weren't here." Come and meet beautiful models and other famous faces in Brno!

A few interesting facts about weddings

Did you know that the most common month for weddings in history used to be February? It used to be a period of peace, when there was no work, the family was at home and its members did not work in the surrounding grounds. From 2001 to 2019, June was the most popular month for weddings. In 2019, we had a record number of 10,808 weddings in June! While twenty years ago, wedding guests preferred hotels or castles for a non-traditional wedding, the present day goes to further extremes – boho style weddings are popular, in a specially adapted barn or on a farm.

We hope that you will be inspired by the bold and subtle models and enjoy the three days of the expo as best as you can.