Concurrently with

Concurrently with

The concurrent holding of the CARAVANING BRNO, GO and REGIONTOUR trade shows confirmed people's interest in independent travel and experiences

October 23, 2022  /  7:00 PM

The CARAVANING BRNO International Caravan and Motorhome Show and the GO and REGIONTOUR Tourism Fairs took place at the Brno Exhibition Centre from Thursday 20 October to Sunday 23 October. A large number of companies and renowned brands were presented in three exhibition halls, which were visited by 23 thousand visitors over four days. The common denominator of the expositions seemed to be experiences, independence and people meeting each other across industries.

"Combining Caravaning Brno with the Go and Regiontour Tourism Fairs in a new period proved to be the right thing and visitors, as well as exhibitors, appreciated the new situation. The new phenomenon of caravanning has been strengthened by the covid period, while the consequences of the covid period and the energy crisis and the uncertainty caused have negative implications on the original format of Go and Regiontour. The concept will have to be remodelled in the next season and possibly strengthened with additional travel-related tools and topics", said Tomáš Moravec, CEO of BVV Trade Fairs Brno.

For adventurers and luxury lovers

Exhibitors presented a wide range of caravans, motorhomes, caravan bodies and trailers at CARAVANING BRNO. Both modest travellers and demanding campers could make their choices. Complete novelties and technologically unique Czech patents were also available for viewing. The expo was informally opened by Pepa Vrtal, popularly known as Fotr na Tripu.

A video just to give you an idea:

Premium Hall F with the best on the market                                                            Pepa Vrtal aka "Fotr na Tripu

From conventional accessories to electric autonomy

In the area of services and accessories for caravanning, the stands offered everything for everyday needs as well as equipment for complete electric independence of the motorhome even in harsh conditions, far from civilisation. Visitors to all three fairs clearly confirmed their interest in independent travel. This is matched not only by the unremitting interest in vehicles, but also in information about destinations and places of interest.

Karavany Pro, and family-run company                                                                   Adventure Centre presented several gadgets

The expo was also visited by celebrities who are also enthusiastic about caravanning

Three women who have taken a liking to caravan travel in recent years also visited the fair. Alice Bendová bought her caravan during the pandemic and mainly roams around the Canary Islands. Caravanning is very popular in there. Eva Decastelo and Bára Mottlová use caravan travel as a leisure activity. Actor Václav Vydra bought a caravan for purely practical reasons. He was tired of regular tours with the theatre all around the Czech Republic – and now he is taking advantage of the possibilities offered by, as he says, his own "cottage on wheels". Dalibor Gondík has even prepared a programme about caravans for Czech Television.

Girls on the Trail:

Václav Vydra and guests:

Mrkey – Advanture Village – a competition for visitors                                              Concorde, a luxury caravan from Blue Rent

Dalibor Gondík and Václav Vydra fancied Caravan Metropol stand                              Václav Vydra with Janou Paulovouat Life Style Camper stand

Tastes, scents and experiences from Czech and foreign regions

GO and REGIONTOUR were dominated by experiences. Hall G1 was fragrant with regional gastronomic specials. Tourist destinations represented mainly opportunities for active use of time, but also for rest and relaxation. Some regions prepared incredibly attractive presentations, competitions and tastings for visitors. Diversity, independence and freedom were the main ideas of this year's Go a Regiontour.

Milan Bartoš presented the Maldives as a destination                                               Milevské Maškary created a stir at the expo

Competition for creative youth led by Michal Vebr                                                    Interesting lectures at the Go and Regiontour fair

What people said about Go and Regiontour:

Jan Bordovský, co-organiser of the expo's extra programme, journalist and traveller

We are extremely satisfied this year. It is great that despite the economic crisis, Caravaning has maintained its standards. I think it has even raised its profile compared to last year. The interest of visitors is huge, the halls are full of exhibitors, there are new companies, so for us it is great news that it is not subject to economic fluctuations. Visitor interest, especially in the extra programme, is at an all-time high this year. In terms of feeling, we have surpassed all the records of previous years. The mix of visitors was excellent.

Martin Pavelec – EGOE

We are of course very satisfied with the expo. We always bet on Brno, it's basically our home fair. Our stand was successful, we got a beautiful place again, we took advantage of it. We managed to place two cars and our entire product line at the stand. I have to say that there was a lot of interest not only in the new products.

David Těšný – CaravanCITY

We are very satisfied with the expo and the sales results, and we are happy that we could present our four brands that we represent in the Czech Republic. The biggest interest was definitely in the Afinity brand.

Jaroslav Kolomazníček – Caravan Plus

I consider this year's expo remarkably successful for us. A lot more people interested in caravanning and camping came in. There were much fewer visitors who just wanted to look around, and more genuinely interested people visited instead.

Radim Kovář, Mrkey – Adventure Village

I am glad that in our joint project Adventure Village people could view everything put together in one place. The attendance was really huge.

Josef Miler, Campers4U Příbram (ADRIA)

On Thursday we presented our new Supersonic, integrated into a Mercedes-Benz chassis, and on the day after we already sold two of them. We rate the expo well, I have visited the fair several times before, it can be compared to the previous ones in terms of attendance. Business is also going strong, people are interested.

Vladimír Horký – HYKRO

We were quite satisfied, there was interest in the whole exhibited portfolio. We sold some vehicles on the spot, but I believe that sales will still be made after the fair, because customers often seem unable to decide immediately.

Josef König – König surf

This year's trade fair was lovely because we met a lot of existing customers, and we had a lot of new ones sign up. We are definitely looking forward to next year. Caravaning Brno has a great atmosphere, and there are Slovaks and Hungarians close by. Brno is the centre of caravanning Europe, more than Prague is.

Magda Mrázková – Karavan Centrum Morava.CZ
It was obvious that people are still interested in travelling even in the tough times, they are still going for new experiences and want to travel the world. They have re-estimated their life and want to devote themselves to everything in full, to their life, which they prefer a little bit to their work, which goes on the back-burner. No one can steal experiences from us.

Petr Malý – Adventure Centrum

Saturday absolutely exceeded our expectations; it was so crowded in here that it was impossible to pass through. There was a lot of interest because a lot of people understood that not being dependent on networks is important. We will definitely come next year; we have been coming here for many years since we started and we are trying to promote this whole technology.

Karavany, a family company

We are happy with the visitor turnout. The biggest interest was in lithium batteries and internet reception equipment. Next year we will definitely come, as usual, and we are looking forward to it. We still have to consider what innovations we will have, development is running fast.


What people said about GO and Regiontour:

Ladislava Bartošová, Thoddoo, Maldives destination representative

My husband and I are incredibly surprised how many people are interested, how many people have on their imaginary bucket list to visit the Maldives, but until now it was not affordable for them at the prices they have in the resorts. Visitors have been coming to our booth on purpose, whether it's because they heard something on the radio or on stage. The Czechs are real travellers, they will be happy to visit new places, especially when the possibilities of, for example, our guesthouses, which offer amazing price deals, open up to them.

Zuzana Vojtová, CCR East Moravia

I consider the participation of some regions at the expo very good. I think that the domestic visitor is important for us and even though sometimes the participation does not fully meet our expectations, if we want to attract them, we should try to do our best. In short, we need to take an active approach to presentation.

Natali Munitič, Croatia

We were here after a long time, and we were satisfied. The best for us was Saturday, when we had the most people, and the first two days we were visited by our partners – travel agencies. Basically, we accomplished what we came for.

Filip Beránek – Pilsen Region

In general, I think fewer people come to such events. I remember that when we did our events, there were also fewer people and fewer exhibitors. But otherwise we are satisfied – on the other hand, the connection with caravanning is good and it will definitely attract more people.

Jana Balážová – Prešov Region

The had its purpose and benefit, we handed out materials beyond expectations, many visitors came purposely and asked about our region. Saturday was the strongest in terms of visitors and of our target group.