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EXPODENT | 12.-14.10.2011 (Praha)

Выставка стоматологии и гигиены полости рта (Прага)
[EN] The pilot run of the Dentistry and Oral Health Fair EXPODENT, held 6–8 October 2010 in the Congress Centre...

MSV | 3.-7.10. 2011

Международная машиностроительная выставка
[EN] The International Engineering Fair (MSV) leads the way for the huge industrial sector of Central Europe. Over 1500...

Transport and Logistics | 3.-7.10. 2011

[EN] International Fair for Transport and Logistics
[EN] BVV’s International Transport & Logistics Trade Fair is a major event in Central and Eastern Europe’s fair...
Transport and Logistics

Моравско-Силезская национальная выставка собак | 17.-18.9. 2011

[EN] More information about the organization of competitions, including dogs, applications: www.intercanis.cz .

Зелёный мир 2011 | 2.-3.9. 2011

Bыставка садоводства
Зелёный мир 2011

STYL | 21.-23.8. 2011

Международная выставка моды
[EN] STYL Fashion Fair is the business and commercial peak for the fashion industry. It is where exhibitors from all...

KABO | 21.-23.8. 2011

Mеждународная выставка обуви и изделий из кожи
[EN] KABO Footwear Fair is the most prestigious professional show of the products of Czech and foreign footwear...

INTERCANIS | 25.-26.6. 2011

Mеждународная выставка собак

INTERFELIS | 25.-26.6. 2011

Mеждународная выставка кошек

PROPET | 24.-26.6. 2011

14-я мееждународная выставка товаров для ухода и содержания домашних животных
[EN] The International Fair of Breeders' and Riders' Equipment PROPET is the largest specialized contracting and...

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