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KABO | 27.-28.2. 2021

Footwear and Leatherware Bussiness Days
[EN] KABO - Footwear and Leatherware Bussiness Days is the most prestigious professional show of the products of...

MOTOSALON | 4.-7.3. 2021

International Fair for Motorcycles, ATVs, Accessories and Clothing
[EN] MOTOSALON is the largest branch presentation in Central Europe and it is the only motorcycle fair which is held...

PRODÍTĚ | 4.-7.3. 2021

Выставка товаров для детей
[EN] PRODÍTĚ Fair is the most important contracting and sales presentation of this sector in the Czech Republic....

DUO CACIB | 27.-28.3. 2021

Международная выставка собак

Building Fairs Brno | 21.-24.4. 2021

Feria de la Construcción
[EN] The Building Fairs Brno cover practically all areas of construction – building, construction trades and...
Building Fairs Brno

DSB | 21.-24.4. 2021

Timber Construction Fair Brno
[EN] The DSB -Timber Construction Fair Brno fair features a complete presentation of various types of wooden...

MOBITEX | 21.-24.4. 2021

Bыставка мебели и интерьерного дизайна
[EN] The MOBITEX Furniture and Interior Design Fair presents the latest trends in interior furnishing and home...

OPTA | 23.-25.4. 2021

International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair
[EN] OPTA is the most important specialised presentation of eye optics and ophthalmology in the Central and Eastern...

MotorTechna Brno | 24.04.2021

Биржа исторических автомобилей, запчастей и документации, выставка исторических автомобилей
MotorTechna Brno

Utubering 2020 | 08.05.2021

Generation Z Festival
Come and enjoy an unprecedented event in the Czech Republic in 2020. With the greatest stars of the Z generation, we...
Utubering 2020

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