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FOND-EX | 3.-7.10. 2016

Mеждународная выставка литейной промышленности
[EN] The International Foundry Fair FOND-EX is another of the traditional events held at Brno Exhibition Centre. It...

WELDING | 3.-7.10. 2016

Mеждународная выставка сварочной техники
[EN] WELDING has been taking place at the Brno Exhibition Centre since 1969. The last “welders’ festival” held...

PROFINTECH | 3.-7.10. 2016

Mеждународная выставка технологий для обработки поверхностей
[EN]  PROFINTECH, International Trade Fair for Surface Technology, has only been in the exhibition calendar since...

PLASTEX | 3.-7.10. 2016

Mеждународная выставка пластмасс, резины и композитов
[EN] PLASTEX - International Fair of Plastics, Rubber and Composites, is held at the Brno Exhibition Centre after four...

INTERPROTEC | 3.-7.10. 2016

Mеждународная выставка средств индивидуальной защиты, охраны труда и рабочей среды
The 12th International Fair of Personal Protective Equipment, Safety and Working Environment INTERPROTEC will take...

Зеленый мир 2016 | 9.-10.9. 2016

Cадоводческая выставка
[EN] The Green World is an international professional contract horticultural and floristry trade fair with eleven-year...
Зеленый мир 2016

Моравско-Силезская национальная выставка собак | 3.-4.9. 2016

[EN] More information about the organization of competitions, including dogs, applications: www.intercanis.cz .

STYL | 27.-29.8. 2016

Международная выставка моды
[EN] STYL Fashion Fair is the business and commercial peak of the fashion industry. It is where exhibitors from all...

KABO | 27.-29.8. 2016

Международная выставка обуви и изделий из кожи
[EN] KABO Footwear Fair is the most prestigious professional show of the products of Czech and foreign footwear...

INTERCANIS | 18.-19.6. 2016

Mеждународная выставка собак

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