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Календарь ярмарок, выставок и мероприятий

Текущие выставки-ярмарки и мероприятия - Декабрь 2021

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МИНЕРАЛЫ БРНО | 4.-5.12. 2021

International Sales Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils, Jewels and Natural Products
The sales exhibition Minerals Brno is one of the largest mineralogical events in the Czech Republic.  Minerals,...

Рождественские ярмарки | ZRUŠENO

Christmas atmosphere, inspiration for buying gifts, an entertaining accompanying program - all this will be offered...
Рождественские ярмарки

EDEN 3000 | 2.1. -23.12.

Building Centre EDEN 3000
Due to the construction of the multi-purpouse ARENA BRNO is Building Center EDEN 3000 permanently closed.  
EDEN 3000

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