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22.-24.2. 2013

Mezinárodní veletrh oční optiky, optometrie a oftalmologie

12. CONCEPT S d.o.o.




CONCEPT S d.o.o.


Pav. B, stánek č. 014


CONCEPT S d.o.o.


CONCEPT S d.o.o.


1. MOVE presentation system, stirring up your presentation of eyeglasses. It is unique kind of presentation at the world market. Shelves move continuously on an oval track and thus creates a real eye-catcher either available as table or window option. MOVE is available in 3 standard lengths and is versatile: Pedestals, cabinets, table versions, free standing units and wall solutions can be designed with this system.

2. SLIDE gallery presentation system, classy display and reliable safety, spectacles and accessories are played to the gallery and protected against shop lifting and dust at the same time. The particular is: after unlocking the system only one product carrier is released at time, while the others stay secured.
SLIDE cabinets modular style opens up a complete new kind of merchandise stocking, The cabinets with their easy moving siding doors serve as a organization system for different trays. So when the trays are taken out, the spectacles are presented customer-friendly and can be stored orderly later again.

3. SWING extremely variable presentation system, space saving miracle and combines storage room with spectacle display in an elegant way. The storages can be pulled out on the side, opened by pivoting and thus give you the opportunity to display and have access to the contained products at the same time.

4. SHINE presentation system newly defines the displaying of sun glasses in an optical shop. Patterns are lasered on acryllic glass and illuminated evenly through LED. Since only engraved areas illuminate, the illumination is only positioned there, where it is wanted: behind sun glasses.

5. NEWS GALLERY is new and exclusive spectacles presentation. The newest eyeglasses models deserve a particular setting and should not disappear in the crowd! This module with its niches creates an impressive setting for high-quality models. The integrated LED illumination is convincing and highlights this kind of wall display in the first place.

6. V TUBE ensures maximum attention: Eye wear rotate within the slender free-standing display case, that provides high capacity in small surface and can be set up individually or collectively as room dividers. In the lower part is integrated a magazine which offers more storage space. Both, the upper part as a transparent , and also the bottom of the aluminum body can be opened by sliding doors. TUBE-V will be offered as a manually operated version or with electronic drive. It is available in different colors.



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