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24.-26.2. 2012

Mezinárodní veletrh oční optiky, optometrie a oftalmologie

16. WS G with SL1 / SL2 illumination

Výrobce: Presenta Nova d.o.o., Puzeva 7, CRO-10020 Zagreb
Vystavovatel: Presenta Nova GmbH, Anlagenstr. 4, D-75378 Bad Liebenzell
Umístění: B stánek 065

The WS G with possible SL1/SL2 illumination is a modular and changeable presentation with shelves (the backside is fixed with magnets; therefore all elements can be removed and changed!). The design consists of clean and clear lines: no construction or fixation elements (screws) are visible. Furthermore it looks extravagant through the special LED illumination possibility. Edges, engraved areas on the shelf or even individual writings (brands) can be white or colored enlightened. The illumination can be dimed and controlled with a remote control in addition to that the colors can run through and also the rapidity can be set.

Zdůvodnění výjimečnosti exponátu:
It is a new eye-catching display for glasses. The special features of the modular display are at first the possibility to change the panel easily, always to the customers need. You can rearrange and redesign the panel quick and easily. Secondly its clean and pure design with the interesting and unique illumination attracts attention and creates a certain atmosphere in the shop. The importance at the presentation of glasses is to point out the glasses most effective and attractive. A dynamical presentation gives the store always a special appeal. It was important for us to create a presentation which is changeable (due to the light and the changeable magnetic segments). So the optician can use the panel in divers and various designs- he can choose on his own and adapt its design always to current and modern design. By even changing the material of the display (glass, wood, acrylic, mirror…) the panel can be used on long term. Redesigning the shop and the presentation by using the existing elements. That is part of Presenta Novas slogan “future is modular”.

Technické parametry:

  • freestanding or wall element
  • standard measure or custom made
  • standard material: lacquered glass/ clear glass shelves, acrylic glass, or other materials like wood, mirror… possible
  • every color available
  • illumination: LED white or colored, dimmable, controlled with a remote control
  • magnetic system: the backside segments are just clicked with a magnet to the construction adjustable height of the shelves

Další informace dle uvážení vystavovatele:
The system is like other systems of Presenta Nova patent-applied (Presenta Nova owns already certain patents). So it stays a special and unique product which is just available by Presenta Nova.

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