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Smaller and lighter SCARA Robot IXP

Japanese manufacturer of electric drives and robots IAI company for the period of its existence has become a synonym for innovative and high quality solutions in industrial automation. This year the company IAI launched an effective solution for applications using robots, for example, folding products, packaging, dispensing and other tasks.

The new SCARA robot IXP provides several advantages. For 3-axis or 4-axis SCARA IXP based on the use of a pulse motor, you can choose between the arm length of 350 or 450 mm. Robots may be supplemented by a gripper or other electrical axis. All models are equipped with battery-less absolute encoder that reduces the risk of production downtime and minimize maintenance.

Control unit with a capacity for 255 programs allow positioning of up to 30,000 positions and control the robot using binary pulses or fieldbus CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP and EtherNet/IP.

The new SCARA robot IXP is space-saving and thanks to its reduced construction it also achieved reduction in weight by 30% compared with conventional SCARA robots in the portfolio of the company IAI. The advantage of a smaller weight is an easier handling with the robot in the assembly.

SCARA robots IXP offers a reasonable price without compromise for many applications using robots. The customer will surely appreciate the cost savings when purchasing a robot IXP that can reach up to 50% compared to standard available SCARA robots.

For more information please see the website of exclusive distributer www.rem-technik.cz

Datum: 3.8.2015 9:10:00

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