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New recipe for mineral cast machine beds reduction of deformation by 50 %


Durcrete is a German producer for of cement based mineral-cast in engineering. The company has developed a new formulation for solid machine beds, using especially treated aggregates. Nanodur E80 concrete has a modulus of elasticity greater than 80,000 N/mm² –which makes it stiffer and more than 50% more resistant to deformation than all previously known cast mineral formulations based on epoxy resin or cement. This international innovation makes it possible to markedly reduce machine deformations, with the result that machines can operate with even greater accuracy and precision.

Good machine beds represent the solid basis of every machine. When oscillations are totally damped and great thermal inertia is required, solid casting materials – for example, epoxy-bonded mineral casts or cement-bound ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) – are the first choice. Durcrete is a specialist for cement based mineral cast in engineering applications. The company has now developed a new formulation that drastically increases the modulus of elasticity and the spring stiffness of the material. Normal recipes of epoxy or cement based mineral cast result in a young´s modulus between 35,000 to 45,000 MPa. With the new recipe Nanodur E80 it will be higher than 80,000 MPa. In comparison with a structural component of equal dimensions, the stiffness is increased by 50 % and the deformations correspondingly minimized. Because Durcrete uses the special binder NANODUR from Dyckerhoff GmbH, the great deformation resistance is maintained even at temperatures above 100 °C.

Nanodur Concrete E80 a class of its own

The secret of this unique international development is the exchange of natural stone with the industrially enhanced aggregate durigid. It is submitted to fire at over 1,400 °C and solidified in a sintering process. The result: the modulus of elasticity is significantly increased, along with the abrasion resistance of the hardened concrete. This technique likewise allows ease of casting, enables production without solvents, and maintains the self-compacting properties of the mixture. Durcrete markets the new material under the product name Nanodur E80 concrete. The cold-hardening casting is highly resistant to deformation and unbending and sets new standards for mineral-cast materials.

The improved constituent materials place the material in a class by itself and has its price. Nevertheless, the material costs of the cement-based casting mix are still lower than the material costs of epoxy-bonded mineral castings.

Users of these superior materials are machine builders for whom dimensional stability and oscillation damping are prerequisite for achieving the required precision. The durcrete program includes milling and grinding stands as well as measuring portals and manipulation units for robots. The new technology can also be used for machine foundations. This allows reduction of the dimensions of massive structural components and reduces excavation work required.

Nanodur-Concrete E80 – a new class for mineral cast materials. Here a cross section of the material

The Nanodur-Concrete E80 has a Young´s Modulus of 80,000 MPa and so the stiffness is increased by 50 % and the deformations correspondingly minimized compared to other epoxy based mineral cast.

The Nanodur-Concrete E80 is stiffer than commonly used mixtures.

Photos: durcrete GmbH

Datum: 11.8.2015 8:24:00

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