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JC-METAL s.r.o.


with universal clamping components is constructed like a modular system and is available in different sizes. The whole system of modular construction is designed especially for clamping during the welding process. The system tables can be also suitable for a variety of tasks including clamping during measuring. The heart of the system is the universal ball bolt, due to it’s mechanical design it can be reliably fixed in place with one hand in a second. This means that setting up or changeover time is greatly reduced. Comparative tests with conventional work tables and screw clamps showed a potential saving in working time of up to 40%. This year there is available welding tables Siegmund Professional S4 SYSTEM 22 with the diameter of the bore holes 22 mm.

are intended mainly for clamping in welding, assembly or measuring jigs. The advantage of RY-UP toggle clamps is a precise design with an emphasis on durability. Of course, all standard models include hardened bearing housings in the area of the articulated seating of leverage moving parts and pins made of the material resistant to the high stress of clamping. All types of clamps are fitted with corrosionresistant zinc coating and bright yellow, plastic, oilresistant ergonomic handle which assists you with safe recognition of position of the clamping lever in the jig. An integral part of the whole range is formed by accessories, which further extend the application scope of clamps. The entire range of RY-UP toggle clamps, form manual to pneumatic ones, from vertical to horizontal ones, thus provides you with a diverse selection of types which helps you to find the right solution to all your technical tasks.

Our products are used in large companies and also regional locksmith or blacksmith workshops. We appreciate every customer, who find the way to us personally or through our website www.jcmetal.cz.


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