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8.-10.11. 2019

Festival sportu, tance a zábavy



In the 90’s, while styles such as B-boyin, Hype and Popping were king, Rabah Mahfoufi was a pioneer. Indeed, he developed his identity through hip hop called « newschool » and House dance.

He became one of the pioneers of House dance in France. He is interested in various projects, he actively contributes to the development and dissemination of culture Clubbing.

Pillar of this movement, he became a key figure.

His feeling combined with a high-technique made him an international benchmark of house dance. This is why he is so much demanded, as well as a dance teacher – his teaching is recognized and appreciated – that as jury at major national and international events.

At a time when dances are called « dancing feet » or « on the ground », Rabah does not set any limits and delivers us a gestural approach where the soil is a natural continuation of the mode of expression of any dancer.

Founder of Mission Impossible in 1989, first house dancer crew in france and europ.

He is a founding member of the company Y-kanji in 1998.

Since 2003, founding and takes part of O”’TRIP HOUSE crew and still continue to devellopp the HOUSE CULTURE throught the world.


Sobota 10.11.2018
13:30 - 15:00
House dance

Sobota 10.11.2018
16:30 - 18:00
House Floorwork

Neděle 11.11.2018
12:00 - 13:30
House dance + Seminář technika

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