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MSV | 14.-18.9. 2015

Fiera internazionale dei macchinari
[EN] The International Engineering Fair (MSV) is the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe with annual...

Transport and Logistics | 14.-18.9. 2015

[EN] International Fair for Transport and Logistics
[EN] BVV’s International Transport & Logistics Trade Fair is a major event in Central and Eastern Europe’s fair...
Transport and Logistics

Automation | 14.-18.9. 2015

[EN] Measuring, control, automation and regulation technology
[EN] Industrial automation is the main theme of MSV, presenting measuring, control, automation and control equipment,...

ENVITECH | 14.-18.9. 2015

Fiera internazionale per le tecnologie ambientali di protezione
[EN] One of the few fairs in Central Europe focusing on technology, products and services contributing towards...


Fiera internazionale sulle opportunità d'investimento, imprenditorialità e sviluppo nelle regioni
[EN] The fair provides an opportunity for presentation for regional, municipal and local authorities, which present...

giorni chirurgici | 7.-8.10. 2015

giorni chirurgici
Fiere di Brno Fuori Area Congresso

Kongres Medical Summit Brno | 18.-24.10. 2015

Medical Congress Summit Brno
[EN] MEDICAL SUMMIT BRNO - Brno Health Week, during which dozens of conferences, congresses and seminars on various...

WOOD-TEC | 20.-23.10. 2015

Fiera internazionale delle macchine, dei macchinari, delle apparecchiature e dei materiali per l'industria del legno
[EN] WOOD-TEC is the number one trade fair for the woodworking sectorthroughout the enlarged EU member territory. Every...

MEDICAL FAIR Brno | 21.-24.10. 2015

Fiera della tecnica ospedaliera e della salute
[EN] MEDICAL FAIR Brno is an important meeting place for domestic and foreign suppliers of medical technologies,...

REHAPROTEX | 21.-24.10. 2015

Fiera del settore rieducazione, protesi e salute
[EN] REHAPROTEX is an important meeting place for domestic and foreign suppliers of medical technologies, health care...

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