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24.-26.5. 2023

Mezinárodní veletrh obranné a bezpečnostní techniky

Šéf armády se v Těchoníně vyslovil pro zachování speciální nemocnice


The Chief of Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel is heading to a top military post in NATO, but first he took the time to visit the Centre of Biological Protection in Těchonín in the Ústí nad Orlicí district on Tuesday.

An excellently equipped complex nowadays operates primarily as a quarantine area for troops returning from missions or for epidemiologists training. There is also on-going research in the field of bio-security and infectious diseases.

Petr Pavel and other representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the Public Health Service, the Academy of Sciences, University of Defence, University of Pardubice, Czech Technical University, Pardubice Region and other institutions have agreed on the desirability of this unit in the medium term. The Centre for Biological Defence therefore strives to be registered in the network of health care facilities. Těchonín could thus become a leading scientific institution.

"It is necessary that the whole system is set up for all citizens, not just soldiers. It is therefore logical that the facility should be accessible for emergencies preparation for specialists from various fields. The plan which would allow it, should be discussed by the government in October," said General Petr Pavel.

The army therefore wants the Centre for Biological Defence fitted with more laboratories. Money for a similar workplace, a new unit with 12 beds for patients with highly contagious diseases, is now also sought by the Na Bulovce hospital. That could increase the threat of Těchonín hospital being closed. On the contrary, the final decision of the government on extending its services for the needs of civilians would prolong its existence.

Těchonín may also serve as a research institute

"Experts who have gone through the premises must know that to build a new and highly equipped centre of the highest degree of bio-security in the capital city of Prague is utterly nonsensical. I want to thank everyone involved for their approach," said Governor Martin Netolický, who was one of the main initiators of the meeting.

The Management of the Centre of Biological Protection in Těchonín now aims to complete the registration process for a standard and subsequently intensive care ward for highly infectious patients.

"During off-crisis periods, Těchonín in collaboration with universities could work as a research institution," said the Governor.

Registration as a medical facility also opens up a scope for greater cooperation with hospitals, emergency medical services in the preparation of specific specialists as a backup civilian personnel for the event of a crisis situation.

"We agreed with the Chief of Staff Petr Pavel on the first taster. In the spring, we are planning a training day of the integrated rescue system that will test the procedures for the SARS epidemic," said Governor Netolický.

The question of training and deployment of civilian personnel is something that the head of the region wants to discuss with other governors, because this issue is a matter of state protection and goes beyond the Pardubice region.

Bouda artillery fortress connected to the mains

Army General Petr Pavel also visited the nearby Bouda artillery fortress. The highest representative of the Army of the Czech Republic came to this place for the first time after 76 years.

The Pardubice Region gained ownership of the artillery fortress three years ago, it is run by the Society of Friends of the Czechoslovak Fortifications. The Governor could thus directly  report to the army representatives and operators that the Councillors of the Pardubice Region supported the project of electrification of the underground labyrinth with future museum exhibitions of the Czechoslovak fortifications.

"We were looking for a suitable route, where to put the cables; we negotiated with landowners and ultimately the route via Suchý vrch proved to be the most feasible one. Design documentation will be completed by the end of this year and next year the construction work begins," said Martin Netolický.

Source: idnes.cz

Datum: 26.9.2014 8:21:00

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