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Calendrier des salons, expositions et manifestations

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Life! | 26.-28.11. 2021

Festival of sports, dances and entertainment
Festival of sports, dances and entertainment. 

MINERAUX BRNO | 4.-5.12. 2021

International Sales Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils, Jewels and Natural Products
The sales exhibition Minerals Brno is one of the largest mineralogical events in the Czech Republic.  Minerals,...

Foires de noël | 10.-19.12. 2021

Foires de noël
Foires de noël

EDEN 3000 | 2.1. -23.12.

Building Centre EDEN 3000
Due to the construction of the multi-purpouse ARENA BRNO is Building Center EDEN 3000 permanently closed.  
EDEN 3000

Building Fairs Brno | 23.-26.2. 2022

Building Fair Brno
The Building Fair will take place in February 2022 [EN] The Building Fair Brno presents a cross-section view of the...
Building Fairs Brno

DSB | 23.-26.2. 2022

Timber Construction Fair Brno
Timber Construction Fair Brno will take place in February 2022 [EN] The DSB -Timber Construction Fair Brno fair...

MOBITEX | 23.-26.2. 2022

Furniture and Interior Design Fair
MOBITEX Fair will take place in February 2022 [EN] The MOBITEX Furniture and Interior Design Fair presents the latest...

PRODÍTĚ | 3.-6.3. 2022

Child Products Fair
[EN] PRODÍTĚ Fair is the most important contracting and sales presentation of this sector in the Czech Republic....

TECHAGRO | 3.-7.4. 2022

International Fair of Agricultural Machinery
TECHAGRO is one of the three largest agricultural fairs in Europe. In 2022, this fair will take place in parallel with...

Silva Regina | 3.-7.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair
SILVA REGINA 2022 will be one of the key Central European forestry and hunting fairs. This year it will take place in...
Silva Regina

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