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Calendrier des salons, expositions et manifestations

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Utubering 2020 | -> 2022

Festival Generation
Due to current legal restrictions, it will not be possible to organize this year's Utubering festivals in any form and...
Utubering 2020

Brněnský majáles 2020 | -> 2022

The Biggest Festival for the Young in South Moravia
Brněnský majáles 2020

ANIMAL TECH | 5.-8.9. 2021

International Fair for Animal Production
[EN] ANIMAL TECH 2021 will take place with the National Show of Livestock. The ANIMAL TECH trade fair will newly...

Exposition nationale de l'Elevage | 5.-8.9. 2021

National show of livestock
This event in Brno is considered the largest show of livestock production in the Czech Republic. The exhibition...
Exposition nationale de l'Elevage

Stainless | ->2023

Salon international des Aciers inoxydables
[EN] Stainless, International Stainless Steel Trade Fair, has been held at the Brno Exhibition Centre since 2009. It...

OPTA | ->11.-13.3.2022

International Eye Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Fair
[EN] OPTA is the most important specialised presentation of eye optics and ophthalmology in the Central and Eastern...

Festival mezinárodního vzdělávání - Příští stanice svět | 18 sept. 2021

Festival of International Education - The Next Station World
Come to the festival of international education and hop on the train for new experiences with the Erasmus + programs...
Festival mezinárodního vzdělávání - Příští stanice svět

World Dog Show 2021
& Cacib show - 29.9.2021
| 30.9. - 3.10. 2021

World Dog Show 2021 Brno
[EN]  More information:  www.wds2021.cz 
World Dog Show 2021<br>& Cacib show - 29.9.2021

IDET | 6.-8.10. 2021

Salon international des Equipement de Défense et de Protection
[EN] IDET, International Fair of Defence and Security Technology, is one of the biggest shows of defence technology in...

PYROS | 6.-8.10. 2021

Salon international des Equipements de Lutte contre l'Incendie
[EN] PYROS/ISET, International Fair for Fire Fighting Equipment and Security Technology, is the biggest event of this...

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