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Calendrier des salons, expositions et manifestations

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STYL | 18.-20.2. 2017

Salon international de la Mode
[EN] STYL Fashion Fair is the business and commercial peak of the fashion industry. It is where exhibitors from all...

KABO | 18.-20.2. 2017

Salon international de la Chaussure et de la Maroquinerie
[EN] KABO Footwear Fair is the most prestigious professional show of the products of Czech and foreign footwear...

VVVI | 28.2. - 2.3. 2017

Trade Fair Science Research Innovation
[EN] Trade Fair Science Research Innovation (TFSRI) creates a new interdisciplinary platform linking the scientific...

MOTOSALON | 2.-5.3. 2017

Salon International de la Moto et du Quad, accessoires et vêtements
(Prague - Letňany)
[EN] MOTOSALON is the largest branch presentation in Central Europe and it is the only motorcycle fair which is held...

OPTA | 10.-12.3. 2017

Salon international de la Lunetterie, de l'Optométrie et de l'Ophtalmologie
[EN] OPTA is the most important specialised presentation of eye optics and ophthalmology in the Central and Eastern...

Classic Show | 17.-19.3. 2017

L'exposition et équitable des véhicules d'époque
Classic Show

AMPER | 21.-24.3. 2017

Salon international de l'Electrotechnique, l'Electronique, l'Automatisation et des Communications

Monde Femme | 23.-26.3. 2017

Monde Femme

PRODÍTĚ | 23.-26.3. 2017

Salon international d'Articles pour Enfant
[EN] PRODÍTĚ Fair is the most important contracting and sales presentation of this sector in the Czech Republic....

RYBAŘENÍ (LA PÊCHE) | 23.-26.3. 2017

Salon de la Pêche
[EN]  RYBAŘENÍ (FISHING) exhibition is the largest showcase of a complete range of fishing tackle in the Czech...

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