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IMT | 10.-14.9. 2012

Salon international des Equipements d'Usinage et de Formage

Automation | 10.-14.9. 2012

[EN] Measuring, control, automation and regulation technology
[EN] Industrial automation is the main theme of MSV 2012, presenting measuring, control, automation and control...

WELDING | 10.-14.9. 2012

21ème Salon international des Equipements de Soudage
[EN] WELDING has been taking place at the Brno Exhibition Centre since 1969. The last “welders’ festival” held in...

FOND-EX | 10.-14.9. 2012

14ème Salon international de la Fonderie
[EN] The International Foundry Fair FOND-EX is another of the traditional events held at Brno Exhibition Centre. It has...

PROFINTECH | 10.-14.9. 2012

4ème Salon international des Technologies de Traitement de Surface
[EN]  PROFINTECH, International Trade Fair for Surface Technology, has only been in the exhibition calendar since...

PLASTEX | 10.-14.9. 2012

3ème Salon international des Matières plastiques, Caoutchouc et Composites
[EN] PLASTEX - International Fair of Plastics, Rubber and Composites, is held at the Brno Exhibition Centre after four...

INTERPROTEC | 10.-14.9. 2012

11ème Salon international de la Sécurité, de la Protection et de l'Environnement de Travail
[EN] The International Fair of Personal Protective Equipment, Health and Safety at Work INTERPROTEC is designed for all...

Exposition nationale moravo-silésienne canine | 29.-30.9. 2012

[EN] More information about the organization of competitions, including dogs, applications: www.intercanis.cz .

SPORT Life | 4.-7.10. 2012

11ème Salon international des Sports
[EN] SPORT Life, the International Sports Fair, ranks among the most significant sport shows in Central Europe. It...

Bike Brno | 4.-7.10. 2012

15ème Salon international du Cyclisme
[EN] Bike Brno, the International Bicycle Exhibition, is the largest and most important show of this type in Central...
Bike Brno

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