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Silva Regina
8.-12.4. 2018

Feria Internacional Forestal y de Caza

Product Categories

  1. Machines, equipment and aids for forest seed managment
  2. Seed and seedling materials for forestry and city verdure
  3. Machinery and equipment for the disposal of exploitation remnants
  4. Machines and equipment for forest nurseries
  5. Machines and tools for forest regeneration
  6. Machines and tools for the treatment and protection of young plantations and stands
  7. Machines and tools for tending young forest stands
  8. Machines and equipment for Christmas tree growing and sale
  9. Machines and tools for logging operations
  10. Machines for skidding operations
  11. Machines for timber hauling
  12. Machines and equipment for operational maintenance of forestry machines
  13. Machines and equipment for timberyards
  14. Machines and equipment for minor forestry production
  15. Chemicals for forestry
  16. Fuels and lubricants for machines in forestry
  17. Mobile machines and accessories in forestry
  18. Machines for forest engineering
  19. Measuring, detection, control and communication devices in forestry
  20. Means for occupational safety in forestry
  21. Game management services and aids
  22. Research, education, services and literature in forestry

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8.-12.4. 2018

8.-12.4. 2018

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