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VVVI | 15.-17.5. 2018

Science Research Innovation Fair
[EN] Science Research Innovation Fair creates a new interdisciplinary platform linking the scientific and research...

Brno Majales 2018 | 05/05/2018

The Biggest Festival for the Young in South Moravia
Brno Majales 2018

Alfons Mucha | 26.5. - 31.12. 2018

Two worlds
[EN] The Two Worlds exhibition combines two diverse bodies of work of world-famous Art Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha....
Alfons Mucha

Building Fairs Brno | 25.-28.4. 2018

Feria de la Construcción
[EN] Building Fairs Brno - All you need for your house or appartment ! A unique presentation of all aspects of housing...
Building Fairs Brno

DSB | 25.-28.4. 2018

Madera y Construcciones Brno
[EN] DSB – Wooden House Exhibition Brno is the only trade show with this focus in Moravia, which, thanks to...

MOBITEX | 25.-28.4. 2018

Feria Internacional de Muebles y Diseño Interior
 [EN] MOBITEX the International Fair for Furniture and Interior Design, attended by the leading manufacturers and...

URBIS SMART CITY FAIR | 25.-26.4. 2018

Feria Internacional de tecnologías y servicios comunales
[EN] URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2018 will be the first full-scale annual international trade fair to follow on from the...

MotorTechna Brno | 21/04/2018

Feria de Vehículos de ocasión, repuestos y documentación
MotorTechna Brno

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