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SPORT Life | 7.-10.11. 2013

Feria del Deporte
[EN] SPORT Life, the International Sports Fair, ranks among the most significant sport shows in Central Europe. It...

Bike Brno |

16° Feria Internacional de Ciclismo
[EN] Bike Brno, the International Bicycle Exhibition, is the largest and most important show of this type in Central...
Bike Brno
Ferias Brno Evento en Brno Exhibition Centre No. 1. in Central and Eastern Europe Feria

Caravaning Brno | 7.-10.11. 2013

11° Feria Internacional de Autocaravanas
[EN] Caravaning Brno, the International Caravaning Show, is one of the most significant events of this type in the...
Caravaning Brno

Dance Life Expo | 8.-10.11. 2013

Trade & show dance event
Dance Life Expo

MINERALES BRNO | 16.-17.11. 2013

29° Exposición Internacional de minerales, fósiles, joyas y productos de la naturaleza
[EN] The sales exhibition Minerals Brno is one of the largest mineralogical events in the Czech Republic. In 2013, the...

Apokalypsa | 22.11.2013

NEW AGE - Electronic Music Festival
[En] New era. New technologies. New possibilities.  Apokalypsa Mayan Code passed in the last call-up and entered into...

Feria de educación secundaria | 22.-23.11. 2013

Feria de educación secundaria

IN-JOY | 22.-24.11. 2013

Festival for you

Feria de Navidad | 6.-15.12. 2013

Feria de Navidad
Feria de Navidad

EDEN 3000 | 2.1. -30.12.

Centro de construcción EDEN 3000
Centro de casas modelo, muestrario de materiales de construcción, centro de información. Entrada gratuita, abierto...
EDEN 3000

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