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International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry

Furniture industry in the CR is at the European cutting edge


The furniture industry which is, to a great extent, directly related to the construction industry, has not been spared by the economic crisis, either. The gradual drop in the furniture sales since 2008 has been one of the main construction industry downturn signals in the Czech Republic, in basically all categories, in particular, in relation to the office and housing unit furnishing – as a result of the economic slump.

Trends in the wood processing industry sectors


The situation in the wood processing industry impacted by the economic crisis is slowly picking up in some of its sectors. „We have received information from the exhibitors that the market stagnates or slightly rallies in the field of machines and equipment. Customers do not save and investments in machines and tools are slowly and progressively made again,“ says Miloň Mlčák.

WOOD-TEC 2013 with a new subtitle


The wood-processing fair WOOOD-TEC, which will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre between 22nd – 25th October has a new subtitle – International Fair for Wood and Furniture Industry.

"WOOD-TEC in Brno is definitely the highlight of this year,"


says Mr. Tomáš Vystyd, Felder-Group CZ executive

WOOD-TEC 2013: Each specialist fair is specific in its own way


In October, the Brno Exhibition Centre will hold again, after two years, one of the largest wood processing fairs not only in the Czech Republic, but also within the new space defined by the European Union - WOOD-TEC. The preparation of the trade fair is in full swing and the exhibitors as well as visitors can look forward to this “feast for wood lovers”.

WOOD-TEC 2013: Each specialist fair is specific in its own way

Preparation for WOOD-TEC 2013 is under way


The 13th year of the wood industry fair, WOOD-TEC 2013, which will take place between 22nd – 25th October 2013 at the Brno exhibition centre, is a traditional event held for every wood processing company not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the neighbouring countries.

Preparation for WOOD-TEC 2013 is under way
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