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18.-21.10. 2011

International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and Materials for the Wood Industry

Karel Torn: The demand for this year’s WOOD-TEC
exceeded our expectations

The 12th session of WOOD-TEC 2011, the wood industry fair to be held at the Brno Exhibition Centre on 18 – 21 October, is a traditional show for all wood processors in the Czech Republic as well as in the neighbouring countries. This year WOOD-TEC will offer “under one roof” everything that has something to do with wood processing. It will present existing technology and products as well as innovations and new trends in machines, tools, equipment and materials for the wood processing industry. Karel Torn, WOOD-TEC project director, tells about the upcoming fair and its preparations.

When do you actually start preparing a trade fair such as WOOD-TEC?
WOOD-TEC is a fair held every two years but we basically start preparing for the next session as soon as the show is over. We process statistics and information about the fair, surveys of exhibitors and visitors taking place during the show. All this information gives us an indication for the next session. Then we start preparing the concept and develop the next fair.

How is this year’s fair going to develop compared to the previous one?
There are obviously many innovations and changes, for example in the way applications and registration forms are being submitted. There are many more changes but they are mostly of a technical nature. The most attractive innovation compared to the last session is the increased emphasis on hobby activities. This means that as well as for professionals who have always been traditional visitors at this fair there will be some products for DIY men and wood lovers. This includes mainly tools, materials and equipment for such activities. Surveys among visitors during the last session suggested that people are interested in this sector and this is why we will try to offer them this product.

The previous fair was specific due to the fact that it was held during an economic crisis that touched the market associated with the wood processing industry. How is the situation developing this year?
The market involving the wood processing industry shows optimism and we can tell that also from the progress of preparation and occupation of exhibition halls. As of this date 95% of the exhibition area has been rented and there are only a few spaces left.

It seems that the crisis is over in the wood industry and this year’s fair is going to prove it. Do you think that it was to the advantage of WOOD-TEC that it is held only every other year?
Since 1999 WOOD-TEC has been held every other year and this change reflected the wish of a vast majority of exhibitors. The wood processing industry is highly specialised and the technology advance is not as dynamic to satisfy tens of thousands of visiting specialists every year. This explains why WOOD-TEC is held once in two years. We can tell that during the economic crisis this was an advantage. The companies had time to cope with the crisis and invest in activities that were critical for overcoming this situation and reviving the business.

You say that companies invested in activities critical for overcoming the situation and reviving business. Does this mean that a trade fair is not among these activities?
We cannot put it like this. The crisis made an impact on the wood processing industry at the end of 2009, at the time of the last WOOD-TEC and shortly afterwards. In 2010 the fair did not take place and therefore the companies could not participate. The investments I referred to were of a different description. They invested, for example, in restructuring their companies or innovating their products, enlarging their portfolio of services. There were mergers and changes in personnel structures. All this happened in 2010. And in order to prove myself right I have to say that I am very much pleased with the interest of renowned companies and traditional exhibitors this year. It is especially pleasing for me to see that even exhibitors who skipped the last session are going to take part this year. They are coming back using the fair as one of the promotion tools and as a chance to target new customers and increase sales.

It seems that nothing stands in the way of a successful fair. What is it that visitors can look forward to?
This year’s fair will be a show of traditional exhibitors and renowned companies, such as ADLER, BALJER ZEMBROD, BeA, BLUM, EPIMEX, FELDER, HETTICH, HOUFEK, LEITZ, PILOUS, ROJEK, STM, TEKMA  and many others. As mentioned above, many visitors are coming back to the fair, for example KARNED TOOLS, DÉMOS TRADE or KOOPLAST. Visitors can also look forward to some newcomers. For the first time we will have for example POLYREY or EGGER CZ, SERVIND, TWIN and others. The range of presentations, innovations, interesting topics and trends will be broad. Traditional part of the fair is a specialist accompanying programme dedicated to interesting topics and topical issues in the industry.

What to say in conclusion?
In conclusion I wish to thank all our clients and exhibitors for their custom. I strongly believe that their participation in this year’s fair will meet their expectations and goals. I would also like to invite all readers of your magazine to come. I am sure that professionals in the wood industry should not miss this year’s WOOD-TEC.

Thank you for the interview.
Alena Křečková


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