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International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry

All-rounders offer power and precision


MAFELL portable circular saws K 55 cc and K 55 18M bl
Power and compactness coupled with great precision – these are among the attributes of the new 55-class circular saws made by MAFELL. Well-conceived solutions, including a tracking pointer and intelligent LEDs integrated in the guard, facilitate exact freehand operation of two new MAFELL portable circular saws, the K 55 cc and the K 55 18M bl.

The typical MAFELL performance of the powerful 1,300 W (1,74 hp) CUprex Compact motor makes the new K 55 cc an all-rounder for cross, rip and plunge cuts up to 58 mm ( 2 5/16 inch) (52 mm ( 2 1/16 inch) with rail) in the woodworking sector. Owing to the 99 Watt-hours (Wh) delivered by the new LiHD technology, the cordless version also achieves a standard of performance that was previously the preserve of mains-operated machines. Especially when sawing on a scaffold or roof, the light weight of 4.1 kg (9 lbs) (4.2 kg ( 9,3 lbs) for the K 55 18 M bl with power pack) and good weight distribution reduce the operator’s workload considerably.
Precision, safety and ease of use are further enhanced by the unprecedented, intelligent LED lighting system of the new MAFELL circular saws. The LED system automatically adjusts the light intensity depending on the brightness and reflectivity of the workpiece. As a consequence, the operator always has a clear view of the pointer and sawblade, free from both glare and shadows.

With the new K55 MAFELL fixes a new standard for portable circular saws.

When switched off, the two LED spotlights are integrated in the guard, practically out of sight. When the machine is switched on, the LEDs are activated. They continue to illuminate the work for 10 seconds after switching off. If the saw is set down and then moved again within 5 minutes, the lighting comes on automatically.

Apart from their LED lighting, the new circular saws also stand out as a result of intelligent features that aid operation and handling. Thanks to the tracking tilting system, cuts can be executed 48 mm ( 1 7/8 inch) deep at tilt angles up to 45°. The lever for retracting the pivoting guard ensures convenience and safety when offering up the machine to make miter, bevel and plunge cuts.
For rip cuts the circular saws can be operated with the handy parallel fence, the edge guide, the MAFELL guide rail system F or the Aerofix F-AF suction clamping system.

Sawing fiberboard insulating materials is challenging not only because of the necessary thicknesses, but also as regards chip removal in particular. The chip removal system of the new circular saws has therefore been optimized specifically for cutting fiberboard. The channel in the guard does not become blocked, even when executing plunge cuts in the fiber direction.

The MAFELL portable circular saw K 55 cc is available either in the MAFELL T-MAX case or boxed. Included with the cordless version K 55 18M bl are the T-MAX case with two PowerTanks 18M 99 and the charger APS 18M. A stripped-down PURE variant is also available without the PowerTanks or charger. The charger APS 18M, high-speed charger APS 18M+ and PowerTanks 18M 99 can be purchased as accessories. The circular saw K 55 18M bl can be powered by any of the 18 Volt rechargeable batteries of other MAFELL power tools.


Date: 24 Oct 2017 14:30:00

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