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New version of trunk band saw by PILOUS


The new trunk band saw CTR 750 will be introduced by the traditional exhibitor at the WOOD-TEC in Brno, PILOUS- pásové pily, spol. s r.o.  It is a larger version of the legendary model CTR 520, which has fundamentally changed the attitude towards primary timber processing for small-size users. It is the first saw in the world using the bimetal saw band for metals as the cutting tool.

„The same saw band can cut all kinds of timber without the need to adjust the saw teeth while maintaining maximum accuracy. Thus, the lengthy and technically demanding tooth grinding and setting is not necessary, which saves on costs of purchasing this equipment. It allows you to cut wood in a professional quality and at a minimum acquisition price, even without any experience,“ said Jíša, wood saws sales manager.  The exhibition stand of the company will present trunk band saws CTR 1000 HYDRAULIC, CTR 800 HYDRAULIC, CTR 710 S, CTR 750 E, CTR 520.

The company PILOUS was established in 1994, when the company launched the first type of  band saw for metal - ARG 230, which the company owners themselves  assembled in a rented garage. This tool featuring what was a highly modern design at that time was exhibited in the same year at MSV in Brno. „This, along with a bargain price, resulted in a rapid increase in the number of orders and, as a result, the company developed fast. For money earned on the first saw we sold we produced other two pieces, and the generated revenues were then used to produce other five pieces and so on. A year later, the company manufactured several hundreds of pieces including new types.

A turbulent development followed in the years to come when the number of produced pieces increased significantly every year along with the total number of produced and sold pieces. Nowadays, we offer around 40 types of hacksaws from small, manual saws, up to high performance industrial CNC automatic products and the current production totals several thousands of pieces a year. In 1997, PILOUS expanded its production programme by wood processing machines – trunk band saws. The first trunk band saw was brought to the market having a progressive design that meant immediate success. Since them, the wood-processing band saw division  has undergone a very rapid development. The current broad production portfolio of trunk band saws is the absolute top-class both in terms of quality and the number of produced types and total production.

Since the very start, the  success and fast development of  PILOUS has been based on a maximum emphasis placed on  the state-of-the-art design and the quality of products.  The application of new technologies and procedures, along with a highly robust workmanship of the products, their design and quality control, guarantee a long service life and cutting accuracy. The current design of band saws for metals and trunk band saws is the world class and in many cases sets the trends for further development in this field.

Naturally, both the band saws for metals and the band saw for trunks come with a broad range of saw bands of the top quality and a wide spectrum of accessories.  About 90 percent of the products of PILOUS are exported to approximately 50 countries on all continents. The band saws for metals can be found, e.g. in the NASA space centre and Baikonur , the Dukovany nuclear power plant,  ROLEX watch manufacturer, oil rigs and seagoing ships. The trunk band saws work reliably in the demanding European market conditions as well as in the severe frost in Siberia and the extreme conditions in Africa, South America and Asia.

Date: 20 Sep 2013 10:59:00

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