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International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry

MDF boards from RVS servis: high gloss, UV resistance, easy maintenance


Furniture MDF boards with special surface and design treatment. UV boards – smooth with high gloss. HIT and HIT 3D boards – structured with high gloss. These are MDF boards (Medium Density Fibreboards) with high gloss, manufactured using exclusive voluminous technology in 3D, resistant to UV radiation, colourfast and requiring low maintenance.

  „This new product, MDF board in 3D, is not currently available neither in the European nor American markets. It is manufactured from Koran pine and is covered by a heavy-duty film which is resistant to wear, fading, dampness and heat. UV, HIT and HIT 3D panels are widely used in interior design – kitchen units, office furniture, commercial floors, apartments, various public facilities etc.,“ said the company’s manager,  Roman Ščuka. The broad range of shades and the colour spectrum of UV, HIT and HIT 3D panels enable a great potential for every manufacturer, interior designer and end user to improvise.

The production of UV, HIT and HIT 3D panels employs the state-of-the-art equipment and special technology of ultraviolet laser colour printing with 10 stages of quality management.  ”The objective of our participation in the WOOD-TEC fair in Brno is to introduce a unique innovation in the Czech and European markets and increase awareness amongst all furniture makers.  The applied voluminous cover technology is the patented property of the South Korean company and is nonpareil in the world,“ added Roman Ščuka. RVS servis is the exclusive distributor of the South Korean production company for the CR, SR, Poland, Austria and Germany.

Date: 19 Sep 2013 16:13:00

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