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29.10. - 1.11. 2019

International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry



The company Kolpa, d.d. Metlika is based in Metlika in the south of Slovenia, established in 1978. The central location in Europe enables efficient sales-network support and a quick realization of all market activities. We are a producer of bathroom equipment in Central and South-eastern Europe, under brand name Kolpa san. The Kolpa san high-end bathroom equipment and the composite materials programme Kerrock, which have extraordinary technological properties, are achievements we are rightfully proud of.

We are an export-oriented company, selling as much as 80% of our product on demanding European markets; with a presence in 44 countries. For products we get honourable mention at the Reddot design award event in 2007 and 2010; and we are continue to expand worldwide.

On exhibition WOODTEC we are presenting Kerrock solid surface material (sheets, sinks, bowls).

Kerrock is a composite material that looks and feels like stone but is actually acrylic based. The composition is made by mixing acrylic polymer with aluminium hydroxide both of which are completely safe to both humans and the environment as a whole.

Non-porous, homogenous, inert and non-toxic surface, which is resistant to most impacts that occur in zones of intensive use. It is totally solid, coloured throughout, and can be manufactured with invisible joints. It can be thermoformed for the creation of 2D and 3D design objects and 3D routed with the use of a digital control milling machine (CNC). It is used to create lighting or lighting effects in appliques, due to its translucent nature. Kerrock Lumino, offers a range of bright, highly translucent colours which can be used to create ambience in your retail space and opens up new possibilities for designers and architects. As Kerrock is solid the whole way through, you have the ability to engrave patterns into Kerrock to show store logos or create signage which can be back lit to reveal your design.

Kerrrock also  offers a specific product for the exterior with superior UV resistance, as well as a range of improved anti-bacterial resistance which is appropriate for a hospital environment. 

Kerrock is a fabricators dream as it can be processed in a multitude of ways. Bend it, shape it, thermoform it, engrave it! What you do with Kerrock is really down to your imagination! Kerrock can be processed in the same manner as wood, using the usual woodworking machinery. You can use nearly all wood processing methods: sawing, drilling, cutting, grinding, milling, polishing, gluing and thermal designing.  Kerrock allows you to create virtually seamless structures and sculptures, to match the design you desire.

Whether it is for food service areas, checkout counters, display cases, wall cladding, furniture or changing rooms, Kerrock has the versatility and durability to offer the perfect solution. The colour and texture options are unlimited and its non porous structure means that when properly cleaned.

It has been given the fire classification of “fire retardant”, meaning it meets fire classification class  B-s1,d0   according to EN 13501-1 the European standard norm. This classification is achieved without the addition of halogenated fire retardants, making the material non-toxic.

Its fire rating means that it can be used in domestic or commercial applications where increased fire regulations are in place such as airports, metro, shopping malls, shops, exhibitions or interior panelling.

For Kerrock MF we get also MED certifikate – is means that materials and equipment, covered by MED, can be used on board ships. It is affixed with the ''wheel mark''.

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