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Revolutionary frameless door system by TWIN


A brand new solution and innovation introduced at WOOD- TEC 2013 at the exhibition stand of TWIN s.r.o. has s form of the universal frameless door system Xinnix. These systems enable the installation of  standard sizes of interior doors opening outside or inside, left or right.  They respect the common practice of architects and engineers and are easily usable in every project. Furthermore, this is an extraordinary design innovation. The frameless door system Xinnix can easily create elegant and timeless interiors by building completely concealed frames into a wall so that the door forms an absolutely smooth, compact surface with the wall. At first sight you will not even notice the door, it is only revealed by a thin line along the door outline. The installation is simple and can be managed by a single fitter.  The installation achieves an invisible fitting in the wall structure. The frameless doors also come with magnetic lock, 3D adjustable door hinges and sealing for acoustic comfort.

Another innovation presented by TWIN at the Brno fair is the Compack system. This a revolutionary door opening system reducing the space required to open the door by 50% and thus maximising the usable space around the door. It offers and alternative to swinging and sliding doors outside and inside the wall and to the Ergon sliding pivoting system. The technology can be fitted to any situation-  it does not require any wall modifications, no extra costs and maintains the original  concept of doors. The door is compact, silent and sound-insulated.

„A great advantage is that the Compack system sets no restrictions on the height and width of the door leaf. Compack system gives the architects and designers absolute freedom in the use of materials and overall appearance of the doors, which helps them satisfy various requirements of customers.  It makes it possible to design previously unthinkable interior layouts  and thus opens up new possibilities even in confined spaces.  The system is also perfect for walk-in wardrobes and standard wardrobes,“ said the marketing executive, Iva Brabcová.

The exhibition stand of TWIN will also offer components for door manufacturers.  This mainly concerns mortice locks of all types (classic interior, with magnet latches, multi-point locks Winkhaus), as well as door accessories - eccentrics, armour plates, Winkhaus Solil fittings, TWINstar  and  Pivota door hinges. Fittings for sliding doors will also be presented - new TP sets, Minimal, Technik and KIT set. The fair visitors will also certainly be interested in glass door fittings.

„Our target group, specifically at the WOOD TEC fair,  are door manufacturers. We are attending the fair in order to promote our market position by meeting our customers, whom we can present other innovations in our range of products, and we can also extend our contacts. By closely cooperating with the building industry which has experienced a considerable slump in relation to the economic crisis, our company has faced the consequences secondarily.  TWIN has reacted to this station also by offering an economical series of LEKO brand fittings offering quality fittings at reasonable prices,“ said Iva Brabcová.

TWIN is a Czech company incorporated in 1992. Over more than twenty years of its existence it has established a position of one of the leading suppliers in the fittings market, offering a complete range of door and window fittings including related products. All TWIN products are manufactured in a high quality of workmanship. The main objective of the company is to set the best value for money so that the supplied products appeal to and satisfy a broad spectrum of customers.

Date: 7 Oct 2013 14:14:00

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