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Rules for Visitors to the Brno Exhibition Centre

  1. Upon entering the premises of BVV Trade Fairs Brno - Brno Exhibition Centre, visitors have the right to view a trade fair or exhibition.
  2. At the request by security guards visitors are kindly requested to submit personal baggage for inspection at the entrance and exit gates for pedestrians and vehicles.
  3. We kindly request visitors to refrain from the following:
    - bringing in and distributing any leaflets or any other printed materials, carrying out any advertising activity, making photographs for commercial purposes, conducting any surveys and other similar activities, undertaking any unauthorised business activities (sale) without the consent of Brno Exhibition Centre;
    - damaging the property, green areas and landscaping on the premises;
    - walking off pavements and marked pathways and walking on the grassed areas;
    - entering the back offices of the premises and areas that are not designated for visiting public;
    - riding bicycles or scooters, skateboarding or roller-skating;
    - smoking in the exhibition halls;
    - bringing alcohol, narcotics and other toxic substances, weapons and other dangerous objects, substances that can be used as incendiary devices, and using flammable substances;
    - remaining on the premises after 8:00 pm, unless invited to a social event with the consent of the Exhibition Centre or at its invitation.
  4. On-site visitors' parking is provided; off-site parking is possible in designated areas only. Please follow the instructions given by the car park staff. Parking in areas designated for fire service access marked with the appropriate signs is not permitted. Vehicles parked outside the designated parking areas, where parking is prohibited or where it obstructs traffic, service delivery and emergency service access in the event of accident, fire or other emergency, shall be towed away from the Exhibition Centre.
  5. All visitors are kindly requested to act in such way as to prevent any fire and to follow instructions and prohibitions concerning fire protection in designated areas.
  6. In case of fire visitors are obliged to respect fire emergency regulations situated in well-visible places in all buildings. Visitors are requested to follow any call to evacuate the premises and in doing so follow instructions of persons managing the evacuation. There are signs marking the direction of emergency exits the objective of which is to achieve safe evacuation.
  7. In case of emergency, visitors are requested to follow the instructions of police officers and persons responsible for evacuation.
  8. In case of an accident or any other emergency at the Brno Exhibition Centre visitors are requested to inform the security service at the main entrance at phone no. +420 541 153 383. First aid will be called if necessary.
  9. BVV Trade Fairs Brno is not responsible for any loss of property brought to the premises or any damages to property or health of visitors caused by their own acts or acts of third parties that are inconsistent with these Rules for Visitors.
  10. Disabled persons are permitted to enter the premises in a vehicle and to park in designated areas. Entrance fees for disabled persons are subject to the price lists of individual shows. One person accompanying a disability card holder is entitled to free entrance.
  11. Visitors with dogs are kindly requested to keep their dogs on leash at all times. Dogs that are bigger than toy and small breeds must be muzzled. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning the dogs‘ excrements and for any damage caused by the dogs on persons, property of BVV Trade Fairs Brno and as well as the property of exhibitors and visitors. BVV Trade Fairs Brno reserves the right to close certain parts of the Exhibition Centre (or exhibition halls) to dogs.
  12. BVV Trade Fairs Brno reserves the right to refuse admission to the premises or expel from the premises any person that fails to comply with these Rules for Visitors, or visitors who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other toxic substances; no refund of entrance fees shall be given under such circumstances.

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