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28.2. - 2.3. 2012

International Wine Fair

Preliminary Final Report - SALIMA – MBK – INTECO – VINEX and EMBAX


SALIMA – MBK – INTECO – VINEX International Food Fairs have for the second time taken place concurrently with the EMBAX International Trade Fair for Packaging and Packaging Technologies, and offered a view on innovations and trends in processing, distribution and sale of foodstuff. Presentation of 1195 exhibitors and represented brands was to be seen in three largest exhibiting halls of the Brno fairgrounds, where they were inspected by more than 27 thousand visitors from thirty countries.  


The food fairs presented 674 exhibiting companies and 396 brands in representation, all of these from 28 countries. Ten countries brought out their offers in the form of an official exhibition: Austria Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovakia. Apart from that, large exhibiting space was occupied by Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, SZIF and Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic, which promoted and supported products acknowledged by the following quality marks: Klasa, Regional Foodstuff and Czech Product.

FOOD FORUM, an international conference, welcomed various experts, among whom were ministers from five different countries. On the following day, Brno Exhibition Grounds became the meeting point of ministers representing the countries of the Visegrad Treaty, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia who discussed the proposed reform of common agricultural politics. Foreign business delegations from Slovakia, Belarus, Germany, Hungary and Austria were among the official visitors of the trade fair, too.

The best exhibits entered the Golden SALIMA contest, in which ten prizes were awarded: the committee acknowledged seven exhibits in the foodstuff part of the trade fair, and three from the technology part. Apart from that, new certificates of Klasa and Czech Product quality marks were awarded.

On the occasion of the trade fairs, results of the traditional contests – PIVEX Gold Cup – BEER 2012 and Grand Prix Vinex 2012 – were announced. For three days, the G2 exhibiting hall became the backdrop for the Gastro Junior Brno 2012 – Nowaco Cup, an international competition of cooks, confectioners and waiters under 21 years of age, which featured young experts on gastronomy from four countries. And not only that – two-day finals of the 17th Czech Baker of 2012 – Junior Category competition, which was a part of the MBK International Milling Industry, Bakery and Confectionery Fair, took place. In addition to that, the coffee section – at the Espresso stand specifically – offered a two-round La Cimbali Grand Prix competition of bartenders, in which a young, only fifteen-year-old semi-professional triumphed.

The accompanying programme was focused on expert topics, such as quality and safety of foodstuff supervision or health impeccability of foodstuff of animal origin. The trade fair saw negotiations about cooperation with Bavarian food processing companies, and a presentation of German meat processing industry called German Meat Night. “Taste the Czech Republic – Cooking with Regional Foodstuff” project of the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants gained a very favourable response. Taste zone of Grand Prix Vinex offered successful samples that had entered the competition, and Coffee Taste Zone revealed to visitors the secrets of quality coffee.


The 27th International Trade Fair for Packaging and Packaging Technologies introduced visitors to offers of 125 exhibitors from 16 countries.

The best exhibits competed for the Golden EMBAX prize. In the category “Innovation”, the committee of experts acknowledged Printers IP561.1G inkjet printer for industrial labelling provided by ONDRÁŠEK INK-JET SYSTEM; VELOCITY VC 250, a vertical packing machine for packing of powdery products from MAŠEK, was deemed the most interesting exhibit in the category “Packaging Machines”.

The “Packaging Live” project with a sample packaging line equipped with the latest technologies was by many considered an attractive and “action-packed” accompanying programme. The packaging line was extended in comparison to its premiere during EMBAX 2010 – modern technologies and trends in packaging were presented by as many as fifteen partners. The presentation included contest for spectators, and the project did not omit either expert seminars focused on for example RFID technology utilisation or trends in packaging design.

A few words about the trade show

Petr Bendl, the Czech Minister of Agriculture:
The International Food Fair SALIMA is the most important exhibition of food processing industry in the Czech Republic and the Central European region. Its high quality and prestigiousness is only confirmed by the interest of domestic and foreign exhibitors alike. Presented here are those, who ensure that we can eat quality and tasty food, food that is safe, processed with the latest technologies and able to compete. I would like to thank those who make this trade fair happen. I would perhaps suggest that in the future, the fair should not be aimed at providing contacts to exhibitors to such an extent; it could be a trade fair where people would have the chance to buy things and see for themselves what quality foodstuff we are capable of producing and what technologies the production requires.

Miroslav Toman, the president of Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic:
I am convinced that the SALIMA food fair is the right place and opportunity for presenting new trends in food processing industry and for finding a strategy for promotion and support of quality food products in the Czech Republic. However, I do believe that strategy of this trade fair should be reconsidered – it should be opened to consumer public to a greater extent. It is only consumers who basically decide whether innovations in the industry are successful and receive a positive feedback. Therefore, I am really glad that both expert and lay public can familiarise themselves with a number of products labelled with the logos Klasa, Regional Food and Czech Product. And taste them, too!

Vasiliy Konstantinovich Pavlovskiy, the Deputy of the Minister of Agriculture of Belarus:
Agriculture in Belarus has been developing greatly recently and we see in this area a promising potential for cooperation and trade. We had already arranged some negotiations with Czech companies to take place here; we are interested in seeing technologies and innovations presented at the trade fair, too. We hope that we will be able to come to many deals here, and as the market is developing very fast, our negotiations shall continue in the form of specific activities.

David Víteček, CEO of Vekoff:
I reckon that our decision to participate in the SALIMA trade fair was a perfect step. Under the brand name Life Table we are offering here an absolute novelty in the world – interactive tables for restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs. We entered the market with these tables only half a year ago and the interest in them is amazing – there is whole big bunch of people at our stand all the time! So far, we have had many visitors – experts, lay public, end consumers… It does not matter what age are they, everybody wants to try themselves how the tables work.

Milan Noháč, managing director of Nedpak Packaging:
Being a new company that had been established only fourteen months ago, we decided to take the opportunity of the EMBAX trade fair and present products and brands that we represent on the Czech and Slovak markets. We offer packaging devices in the segments of both manual packing and fully automatized complex packaging lines. The trade fair brought many surprises to me, the greatest being the vast interest in weighing systems which are attractive from the financial point of view. We have had many orders made for machines that work with heat-shrinkable wraps and packing machines.

Petr Chlup, business manager of Sarti Supplies:
We represent eight Italian producers of packing machines for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and offer a really wide portfolio. Thus we tried to prepare such a selection for the trade fair, by which we would cover all possible customers, be they small companies or truly gigantic purchasers. The EMBAX trade fair is a great contribution for our company; so far, we have made new contacts with a number of predominantly smaller purchasers.

Hana Nykodymová, Střední škola potravinářství a služeb Pardubice (Secondary School of Food Processing and Services Pardubice):
It is great that experts, lay public and young people in particular have the chance to see with their naked eyes at Salima what our students – future bakers and confectioners – can do. The “Czech Baker 2012 – Junior” contest can be understood as a presentation and promotion of a craft that has decreased in its importance, yet still is very creative and needed.

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