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25.-26.4. 2018

Smart Municipal Solutions

Accompanying program



The smart management of resources is the primary concern of every smart city. Smart management of transportation, the production and storage of energy, or water management is only possibly using modern technologies. Knowledge of new technologies is the basic prerequisite for every responsible manager.


Smart governance means saving money and time for the city and its citizens. Digital technology makes it possible to optimize internal processes and inform citizens easily of what is going on in their surroundings. Citizens can vote and share their ideas and problems, and everything is on a single map. City planning takes place with the participation of citizens.


Smart living saves homeowners time and money. Modern technologies enable developers to design smart neighborhoods that reduce operating costs and promote vibrant cities where people are happy to spend time in public space that is pleasant and safe.


The SMARTalk series brings globally renowned speakers and experts to the URBIS Smart City Fair. With its location and innovative potential, Brno is an ideal platform for advanced Western European cities to share ideas and experience with the quickly developing regions of Central and Eastern Europe. The SMARTalk series will also include practical seminars and conferences prepared by the general and main partners.

Day one of the three-day series introduces the state of the art in the transformation of cities and their administration. Experiences will be shared by world renowned urbanist and architect Ulrik Nielsen and leading architect of Smart Vienna Thomas Madreiter. Time will also be afforded to municipal representatives who are leaders in the H2020 projects focusing on smart cities. There will also be a smart cities presentation from the Eurocities Association.

Day two will present a program of Central European dimension, featuring representatives from each country of the Visegrad Four, and from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Positive examples of successful projects should provide inspiration for representatives of cities and towns to seek out and implement their own Smart City solutions.

Day three will begin with a half-day program focused on seeking out talented individuals and innovative companies. Presentations will be given by some start-up companies and the session will end with the announcement of the results of the Urbis hackathon.


Ulrik Nielsen
World renowned urbanist and architect and one of the faces of the famed Studio Gehl Architects. He specializes in public space and its transformation from “highways” back to streets. Using specific examples, he shows how the revival of public space positively affects the behavior of people. Studio Gehl Architects has already brought its designs to life in 250 cities all over the world, including global metropolises New York, Sydney and Moscow.


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