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25.-26.4. 2018

Smart Municipal Solutions

MECompany: TreeSmart Bench by SmartBridge


TreeSmart and SmartBridge developed a smart bench "TreeSmart", which helps to improve comfort of residents and tourists in both capitals, and during their trips in nature using the latest technologies and fully in harmony with nature.

TreeSmart bench offers charging of mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices using the USB connector with LED backlighting or a wireless charger, the TreeSmart bench also provides the use of Wi-Fi networks, all 24/7. Charging is provided by a solar panel. Sensors placed on the bench TreeSmart bench allow charting of meteorological data, monitor noise and in the extended version of the bench there is an emergency "panic" button and a webcam installed providing greater public safety and the ability to communicate with Integrated Rescue Brigade. TreeSmart bench increases the comfort and safety of residents 24 hours a day.


Datum: 21 Apr 2017 07:20:00

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