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5.-6.6. 2019

Smart Municipal Solutions

Smart Public Pole



Product: Smart Public Pole
Location: Hall G1, Stand No. 001
Producer: OMS, a.s.
Exhibitor: OMS, a.s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Smart Public Pole (SPP) is showing the future and new role of Lighting Pole in City/Municipality. SPP is currently concept which is partly ready, so some devices and solutions are ready for implementation or already implemented by OMS and some are still under development. SPP works basically as a puzzle so it is up to customer what configuration of features/solutions would be installed on particular pole. SPP includes: managed infrastructure, Smart Grid preparation, several network connectivity technologies for connected city, smart public lighting, EV charging for cars and eBikes/eScooters, smart security SOS module with CCTV cameras, video analytics for security, traffic and statistics, voice analytics for security and anti-vandalism, speakers, managed Wi-Fi connectivity, combined environmental module which measures everything from temperature to CO2 & VOC, Traffic radars and cameras, Digital Signage and technologies of coming future such as 5G, c2x/c2i (autonomous cars) and Drone operation and landing platform. SCP is managed through simple and intuitive CitySys platform.


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