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5.-6.6. 2019

Smart Municipal Solutions




Product: DataFromSky
Location: Hall G1, Stand No. 020
Producer: RCE systems s.r.o.
Exhibitor: RCE systems s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

The unique DataFromSky software combines AI, drones, and image processing and detection of objects, bringing many new possibilities for advanced traffic analysis. DataFromSky provides fully automatic calculation of wide range of traffic parameters, such as current vehicle speed, acceleration, distances and headways between vehicles, traffic density or even analysis of risky situations or near-collisions or allows to examine behavior of individual traffic participants, including pedestrians or cyclists in very detail. The data are collected in an innovative way - by drones, other UAVs or special traffic balloons.  Our SW and data are used by traffic engineers, urban planners, research institutions or even companies in automotive industry e.g. to develop models of autonomous vehicle behavior! Our next goal is to develop so-called "real-time drone" that will be able to analyze the traffic in real time during its flight and which could one day replace a police helicopter during high-speed chases or act as a mobile surveillance system for property protection.


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