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24.-27.4. 2012

International Fair for Investment & Business Opportunities and Regional Development

ENVIBRNO, URBIS INVEST and URBIS TECHNOLOGIE Trade Fairs in a new way this year

This group of three trade fairs will take place between 24th – 27th April in hall B at the B2B entrance area of the Brno Exhibition Centre.  The other halls host the spring Building Fairs Brno.

Highly specialised group of trade fairs
This year, the specialised trade fairs ENVIBRNO, URBIS INVEST and TECHNOLOGIE will take place together as they complement one another with interlinked topics– on the one hand, presentation of innovations and trends in the field of municipal and environmental technologies and services, on the other hand presentation of regional innovation strategies and development plans of the individual regions. All this takes place within the context of the current needs of the public domain. The concurrent Building Fairs Brno will expand this specialised comprehensive presentation of municipal sector needs by the constantly topical aspects of building industry and technical equipment of buildings.

ICatalogue enriches trade fair participation
ICatalogue is yet another opportunity for streamlining and encouraging the participation of companies at the trade fair - it extends the trade fair participation through Internet advertising elements. This is not just the electronic version of the printed catalogue but an on-line inter-trade fair field-specific catalogue of companies. Starting from the day of registration, the company gains access to update its information including a comprehensive administration of the on-line space which is then available for the entire next year. It is used to present the basic information about the trade fair, novelties, as well invitations to the trade fair.

Electronic registration saves your time!
To simplify your registration to the trade fair, we have introduced an electronic version of the registration form for you. What benefits does this bring? First and foremost, we save time! The electronic version of the registration form takes a few minutes to complete from the comfort of your pc. Moreover, each step is accompanied by well-arranged navigation and interactive help.

Exhibit at even more favourable terms, register in time
If you want to exhibit at more favourable terms, use the time-limit discount of 10 % off the exhibition area prices, send in your registration to the trade fair by November 30, 2011. This reduced price of the exhibition area can be obtained automatically by submitting the registration form in due time and paying the first advance payment on due date.


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