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International Fair for Investment & Business Opportunities and Regional Development

19th International symposium bridges


The 19th International Symposium Bridges has become a traditional part of the supporting programme of the International Building Fairs IBF. This year, its motto will be Bridges – structures uniting nations and generations. Thematically, the symposium will, for example, focus on bridge structures in the CR, science, research, projects and their implementation. Another section will be dedicated to bridges in Europe and around the world. During the symposium, “Bridge 2012“ diplomas will be awarded in category I New structures and category II Repair or reconstruction, along with honorary mentions for life-long achievements in the field of bridges. The symposium is included in the lifetime learning programme of the ČKAIT members- A3 - 2  points and the system of  lifetime professional learning of ČKA members - 4 points.

Date: 7 Feb 2014 10:41:00

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