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31.3. - 4.4. 2012

International Fair of Agricultural Technology



Dear Exhibitors,
Trade Fairs Brno announces the traditional competition of the best exhibits GRAND PRIX TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS.

Please allow us to introduce the most important facts about the competition and invite you to participate in it.

  • The competition is designed for the exhibits that are presented at the trade fairs – TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS.
  • Members of evaluation committee are professionals in the given fields.
  • Please find the statutes of the competition and the application at www.techagro.cz, www.silva-regina.cz, www.animal-vetex.cz, www.bvv.cz/biomass in section Grand Prix (an application form can be filled in right in Adobe Reader).
  • Time schedule of the competition:
    1st deadline for Applications: 9.3. 2012
    2nd deadline for Applications: 25.3.2012
    Assesment:  30.3.2012
    Award ceremony: 31.3. 2012 on the opening ceromony


  • Visible labels of all exhibits applied for the competition directly at the stand
  • Winners will receive a trophy and a diploma; nominees will receive a certificate – a possibility to exploit their success already at the time of the densest concentration of target groups of professionals at the fair.
  • We will take care of your presentation:
    - in professional media of the media partners of the fair
    - in press releases, at press conferences and meetings with exhibitors
    - on the website of Trade Fairs Brno  – www.bvv.cz, www.bvv.cz, www.techagro.cz, www.silva-regina.cz, www.animal-vetex.cz where you will also find:
    • general information on the competition, official statutes of the competition
    • presentation of applied and nominated exhibits
    • highlighted presentations of the winner exhibits
    • continuously updated information within our on-line news during the fair
  • Exhibits nominated for the award will become a part of the presentation that will be projected at the opening ceremony of the fair Techagro, Animal Vetex, Silva Regina and Biomass which will also be attended by exhibitors, journalists, professionals and important personas of the field and of the political and social life.
  • The participation in the competition will allow you to distinct yourselves from your rivals and to compare your exhibits with the novelties of other companies and to present them both to the visitors and to the exhibitors.
  • The prestigious awards Grand Prix Techagro, Grand Prix Animal Vetex, Grand Prix Silva Regina and Grand Prix Biomass represents an efficient business argument for the winner companies which they efficiently use in their marketing and presentation materials, on their websites and in show rooms.

Due to the fact that the results of the competition are known and announced on the first day of the fair, all nominees and winners have the opportunity to implement their success into their marketing strategy right from the beginning of the fair.
Dear Exhibitors, we believe that your state-of-the-art top products and novelties that you are getting ready for the fairs - TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS, will be among the exhibits applied for this prestigious competition.

Trade Fairs Brno

František Nečas, Trade Fairs Brno, tel.: 541 15 27 17, fnecas@bvv.cz


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