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31.3. - 4.4. 2020

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Tractors at Techagro Fair


Tractors are always one of the main magnets for Techagro visitors. Dozens of tractors of various types and sizes will appear once again this year at the Brno Exhibition Centre, from the smallest to the most powerful and crawler tractors.

The display of the company Agrotec will showcase the entire product line of New Holland tractors. The main draw will be clearly the T5 Jeans model, a tractor with fancy denim finish, which refers to the slogan of the series – a tractor for all, as simple to use as to put on a pair of blue jeans. Another specialty will be the T7 series tractor in Blue Power colour that can only be used on Maserati cars. Also on display will be tractors of the series T6, T7 and T8 with a continuously variable transmission, the smaller series TD5, T4 Powerstar and T5.

The Austro Diesel stand will exhibit Massey Ferguson machinery. Represented will be both lower performance tractors of the series 3600 (including vineyard types), as well as tractors of the series 5600 and 6600 – specifically, there will be the upgraded type 6616 with Dyna-6 gearbox. The most powerful series 8700 with a power of up to 400 hp will, of course, also be represented.

The company SOME Jindřichův Hradec will have equal representation of SAME and Lamborghini tractors on its display; a brand new series Mach, Spark and Nitro will be presented by the latter. By the way, Lamborghini Nitro received the Tractor of the Year prize for its design. BCS minitractors and Sigma 4 front loaders will also be showcased.

Moreau Agri will present the LANDINI brand – specifically its Mistral 50 tractor as a representative of small general-purpose tractors suitable both for municipal services and for agriculture, but also for wine and fruit growers. It is a tractor with the YANMAR engine of 47.5 horse power, the transmission has 12 forward gears and 12 reverse, and its hydraulic system is controlled by a double hydraulic pump. Rex 90F will be displayed as  a representative of specialized vineyard and orchard tractors. A complete novelty will be the LANDINI 4 Series from the group of tractors up to 100 hp, equipped with a DEUTZ engine and brand new cockpit. For the McCormick brand there will be the X50.20 with a new PERKINS engine, then a brand new X6 tractor presented in Hanover – a tractor that replaces the successful MC series, but with the option of suspended front axle and cab suspension and equipped with an innovated gearbox. The main draw will be represented by the X7 Series tractors (440 and 680) in the four-cylinder and six-cylinder versions (FPT engines). Major innovations in these tractors are their completely new cockpit, ZF gearbox and hydraulic system.

The company BONAS Milevsko will present Kubota tractors on its stand. Premiered in Brno will be the series M6060 and M7060, which should replace the existing series M6040 and M7040 in 2015. Compared to their predecessors, they have modern engines and transmission with eighteen gears both forward and reverse. The main attraction will undoubtedly be the  modern M9960 tractor, which should replace the top-selling M 9540. By the way, Michal Ondra became a champion in ploughing precisely with this tractor.

The display of Zetor Tractors will focus on the Forterra, Proxima and Major product lines. John Deere will not stay behind – simply speaking, it will showcase all of their models with engine power ranging from 55 to 555 hp. The Company Agromex will bring to Brno the complete product line of the Fendt brand. In addition to two new novelties that the company holds a secret for the time being, there will be also presented two brand new Challenger series crawler tractors. And Techagro will also feature several Ferrari machines –the Italian company BCS will present these tractors at its display.

Date: 5 Mar 2014 15:30:00

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31.3. - 4.4. 2020

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

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