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International Fair of Agricultural Machinery

Cultivation of soil at TECHAGRO


Current climatic conditions require farmers to take an extremely sensitive approach to soil. Tillage machines will be presented at TECHAGRO by companies such as Lemken, OPaLL-AGRI, Bednar FMT, Kverneland, MOREAU AGRI, MG Agrocenter, SMS Rokycany and Agrozet České Budějovice. The last two companies mentioned above told us what they would be bringing to this year's expo and what they believe is the trend in the current development of this industry.

In addition to other exhibits, the company SMS CZ from Rokycany will present three new products. The first one will be the Lanio 900 tined weeder, another one will be the Eko R8 interrow cultivator. The third novelty, the Smart 300 seed drill machine was introduced last year, but will be exhibited for the first time in Brno. "We observe a growing interest in two types of machines, which correspond to the new products prepared for this year. The first of these are machines for mechanical weed control, represented by the EKO interrow cultivator and the Lanio tined weeder. But these can be used, in addition to weeding, for the maintenance of permanent grassland, which leads us to another category of machines, which is constantly on the rise in our company – machines suitable for the maintenance of meadows and pastures. This category will be represented at the fair by a new Smart 300 seed drill machine, Golem grassland rollers with 3 and 5.4 meter scope and supported by Teran N 300 Cambridge rollers," stated Vladimír Cingroš Jr.

"The return to classical plowing technology is particularly interesting – last year the demand for our servo plows, whether carried or semi-carried, manufactured by the Pöttinger plant in Vodňany in South Bohemia, has been growing significantly. The reasons are obvious – the fight against drought with the related need to plow the so-called greenings, and above all the fight against over-reproduced rodents", we were told by Petr Stuchlík, product manager for Pöttinger machines, which will be presented at the expo by AGROZET České Budějovice. Seeding machines for all technologies, especially Terrasem in Wave Disc design for water-saving sowing, enclose the entire range of Pöttinger soil cultivation machines and belong steadily to a group of highly marketed machines with high quality craftsmanship and construction stability. AGROZET will also present a new model of the Pöttinger Jumbo 6620 Combiline silage wagon, the innovated Serov 45 M Nova Plus plow and, last but not least, the Terradisc 8001 disc harrow with a new Isobus-controlled function with the possibility to change the pressure on functional organs during work. An interesting feature of the exposition will also be the "collection" of Pöttinger presses with the flagship Impress 155 V C Pro round baler.

Date: 2 Mar 2020 14:45:00

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