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11.-14.4. 2021

International Fair of Agricultural Machinery

Smart threshers and silver medallists from Hannover at the TECHAGRO trade fair


New Holland Agriculture brand display by the company AGROTEC a.s. this year will be styled in the spirit of the motto "Smart&Easy" referring to easy life with smart systems. Smart&Easy features can be found in all areas ranging from tractors for plant and livestock production to special tractors in winemaking and construction machinery.

"Automation also concerns combine harvesters that can react not only to the current load detected by a number of sensors, but according to the yield potential maps, they can prepare themselves for the change of the threshing machine load. The CR10.90 thresher won a silver medal in Hannover for this system and we will be able to introduce you in an interesting way some further improvement on this flagship of ours, "says Aleš Petr, the company’s marketing specialist. "Large farms with plant production can also look forward to the autonomous T8.435 SmartTrax tractor with semi-belt chassis, which is capable of working independently in the field, without a human operator." New threshing machines will be brought to Brno also by P&L spol. s r. o.; according to its director David Pelánek, it will be a new Sampo Comia 2.0 combine harvester series from the company Sampo Rosenlew. The second Nordic novelty will be the ELHO SCORPIO stone collector and the third novelty will be the VENIERI loaders from Italy. The company will also introduce of its own P&L production, so do not forget to go to Hall B.

The joint display of KRONE machinery importers will boast several award-winning innovations. "First of all, we will be exhibiting a new line of BiG X 880 self-propelled harvester cutters with a LiftCab hydraulic elevator," explains Pavel Kouřil from the company KRONE. "AGRITECHNICA has given this unique solution a silver medal. The Machine of the Year 2018 Title for the whole new range of harvester cutters (BiG X 680, BiG X 780 and BiG X 880) highlighted the achievements of Krone in Hanover. In Hall P, we will also exhibit the lower power series of BiG X 630 cutters. With self-propelled cutters, we will present a modern approach to the harvest of corn, called OptiMaize. It includes a wide range of individual structural components, including a VariLoc gearbox. The system makes it easy to configure a harvester cutter for silage corn harvesting to suit every customer." adds  Mr. Kouřil. Together with Krone will be presented also BV – Technika, a.s. on a  stand with its partner company HM, s.r.o. Hodonín. "We will exhibit the machines of the companies RAUCH, EINBÖCK, BRANTNER and HAUER, which both companies represent in the whole region of Moravia and part of the Eastern Bohemian Region. The company HM, s.r.o. as a traditional supplier of vineyard equipment, will also exhibit GREGOIRE and CLEMENTS machines along with a vineyard tractor named CASE IH QUANTUM. Our company BV – Technika  will also display a KOTTE tank, as a representative of the manufacturer of machines for the transport and application of liquid fertilizers," invites Jiří Vozník to Hall P. Agromex s.r.o., the exclusive importer of agricultural machinery from the brands Fendt, Fella, Weidemann, Kerner and Pellenc, will bring a surprise to Brno. "At our display, visitors will see (not only) the Fendt brand novelties, especially its strongest two-track tractor. It is a new item on the portfolio, and for the first time ever, Fendt offers customers top quality also in a segment of about 650 HP and, most importantly, on tracks," explains Veronika Surá.

Date: 27 Feb 2018 16:16:00

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