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International Fair of Agricultural Machinery

Precision agriculture at TECHAGRO


At the stands of many exhibitors at the TECHAGRO fair, visitors will find technologies for precision agriculture; the supporting programme, such as the conference to be held on Thursday, will be dedicated to this particular topic.

One of the companies that will present their GPS products at the expo is the Brno-based company FONS. Its products will feature satellite navigation and autopilots, handheld devices for demarcation of land block boundaries, or an RTK station – a device for the transmission of own RTK signal resulting in significant cost savings. Fons also innovated its range of farming telematics. "We are able to offer solutions for really big enterprises as well as small farmers with several hectares of land. I think that today many farmers have the opportunity to use these modern technologies at their fingertips; in previous years many of them have upgraded their machinery, and GPS technology is a suitable add-on," said sales manager Vladimír Rozmahel.

The Prague-based company Leading Farmers CZ  will celebrate 20 years of its existence this year. Since the very beginning, it has specialized in the supply and introduction of precision farming technologies in practice. Their field robot Agrointelli Robotti, the first commercially available autonomous tool carrier to work in the field, will have its premiere. The company will also introduce the MagGrow system from Ireland, designed to increase spray coverage and reduce drift, and the Trimble GFX-750, GFX-350, EZ-Pilot Pro and Autopilot Motor Drive sat nav systems. "The benefits of our products include reduced fuel consumption, optimum application of growing inputs using the "do not apply a gram more than needed" strategy, higher performance of the machines or production lines, mitigation of soil compaction and, last but not least, reduction of operator fatigue and better working environment", emphasized Václav Jirka, marketing director and company sales rep.

AGRI-PRECISION, based in Ivančice near Brno, has been specializing for eight years now in the retrofitting of agricultural equipment of any machine brand or age. It represents the world's leading manufacturers of GPS devices and carries out their professional installation and servicing. "We are able to retrofit machines that are not prepared for these technologies from the factory, so that they can operate with sat nav and autopilot with an accuracy of up to 2 cm, switch off individual sections for sprinklers, spreaders and seed drills according to the GPS, and apply fertilizers and seeds variably. We also offer solutions for remote monitoring and telematics and fleet management, instruments for land block measuring in the terrain, and facilities for the provision of own RTK signal," says company manager Michal Krutiš, and adds: "Our products offer significant savings in operating costs of agricultural machinery, consumption of seeds, fertilizers and chemical agents."

Date: 2 Mar 2020 14:30:00

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