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3.-7.4. 2022

International Fair of Agricultural Machinery

Post-harvest technologies at TECHAGRO


Just like in the previous season, visitors to Techagro will find post-harvest technology in Hall A1 – devices that offer farmers solutions for cleaning, drying, sorting or treatment of grain.

Among the exhibitors of post-harvest technology, we can mention the Slovak company Inter Agro, which will exhibit four models of grain treatment devices and a very interesting grain cleaner. It is the smallest model of the ISMI A5 aerodynamic cleaner that will be shown with practical demonstrations. These grain separation machines – ISMI – can clean and sort all types of crops or loose materials using a stable air stream. These machines separate light and heavy impurities  and sort fractions, damaged and undersized seeds from quality seeds, all in one single step. In addition, they are maintenance-free, as their only moving part is a motor that drives a special fan.

Several products will be exhibited by the company SIAGRA. Its LAW crop and grain driers are at the vertex of drying technology, not only in terms of low energy consumption, but also in relation to the environment. The MAROT sieve grain and crop cleaners with rotary sieve movement and aspiration are popular for their guaranteed performance, low power consumption, vibration-free operation and flexibility. This versatile device can work as a pre-cleaner, cleaner and sorter. The Schneider Jaquet (SJC) grain cleaners with a circular motion of flat sieves  offer reliable vibration-free operation, low running costs and only a very compact layout. Another product, the SATAKE optical sorter, is equipped with Japan's most modern full-colour cameras that enable to see colours exactly  the way a human eye does. In addition, SIAGRA will bring in its SYMAGA grain silos, grain conveyors and belt dryers.

FARMIX will come to the expo with its proven technology, the NECO D1690CE grain dryer. This dryer does not use any sieves and does not damage the grain due to rapid temperature changes during the dying process. It uses a special vane radial fan for air drying and is fuelled in an environmentally friendly manner by CNG or LPG. Furthermore, we will find here a dummy of the MFS silo dryer, which is basically a silo, in which up to 600 tonnes of grain are stored and dried at the same time. It is a galvanized silo with perforated all-slatted floor. Warm air at lower temperatures (40°- 75°C) is used for drying, so this solution is very beneficial as it uses waste heat from a biogas plant. A new product at the stand will be a funnel silo from the American CHIEF brand with perforated inner hopper for better aeration. Each CHIEF silo is carefully designed to provide superior resilience, easy assembly and optimum grain protection.

Date: 2 Mar 2020 13:50:00

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