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31.3. - 4.4. 2020

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Past, present and future, all under one roof at the ZETOR stand at Techagro


From 3-7 April the Brno Show Grounds will be the venue of the Techagro Trade Fair and the ZETOR will, of course, make an appearance at this event. The brand shall present itself to the visitors in three dimensions. It will not only present the current product portfolio, but also refer to its seventy year history and also present its near future, which is embodied by the design focus ZETOR by Pininfarina, or prototypes of future products.

ZETOR shall in the first week of April present itself to visitors at the Techagro Trade Fair on an area of more than 500 m2 at the Brno Show Grounds in Hall P at Stand No. 012. This year, ZETOR has opted for non-traditional participation in the trade fair and, apart from the current products, it shall also present its history and future projects.

“ZETOR is celebrating a major jubilee; this year will mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the traditional Czech tractor manufacturer. For this reason, at Techagro we shall present not only the current image of the brand and our products, but we shall also build on our rich and admirable history. We are proud of our past; it is inspiring and binding for us. ZETOR is however not focusing on the past. From here we draw inspiration, resolve and yearn to strengthen the position of the ZETOR brand, but focus on the future. For this reason, we shall present the future of ZETOR tractors to the trade fair visitors,” says Margaréta Víghová, Director of Corporate Communications ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

The ZETOR by Pininfarina design concept shall be presented. It is a concept that presents the future design trend of the ZETOR brand. All the ZETOR model series shall gradually get this highly modern, dynamic and unique “coat”. ZETOR by Pininfarina had its world première in Hannover and won worldwide success and interest. The professional and lay public gave it attributes like “sexy”, “Ferrari”, or “best sports look” tractor.

Apart from the design concept, the customers shall be able to get acquainted with the prototype of the planned expansion of the MAJOR model series. Expansion shall apply to two new products, which shall offer 75 HP four-cylinder engines and several gearbox versions to the farmers. The new machines will have higher speed as well as higher lifting power. The redesign of the control elements in the cabin is also heralded.

The future of the brand lies in the expansion of the model series from the current four to six. At Techagro the visitors will also get the opportunity to get acquainted with the prototype 49 HP, three-cylinder engine tractor. This prototype shall in future become the basis for the fifth, smallest, model series of the ZETOR tractors.

At the stand, the present shall be represented by the complete product portfolio. The MAJOR, PROXIMA, FORTERRA and, of course, the new CRYSTAL, the most powerful tractor with the powerful 144 and 163 HP, six-cylinder engines shall be presented. The ZETOR SYSTEM shall also be presented, specifically the front loaders. What may be of interest to the visitor is the fact that the STAGE IV solution shall be presented, specifically on the FORTERRA model series. Are you interested in the design solutions, or benefits of STAGE IV to the customers? Visit the ZETOR stand and learn more.

As we hinted in the introduction, ZETOR shall also celebrate at TECHAGRO. Seventy years is an admirable age, but ZETOR wants to convince the visitors that it is just warming up, and that it is in its prime and in top condition. After all, come and see for yourself and enjoy the atmosphere of the past, present, but mainly take a trip into the future with the ZETOR brand. ZETOR has been here for you for 70 years now.


ZETOR has been present in the market since 1946, operating in a number of countries worldwide. To date, the brand has sold over 1.3 million tractors. ZETOR tractors facilitate work for their users and save energy and costs. Thanks to the company’s own manufacturing and engineering centre in Brno, the tractors are subject to ongoing innovation. They offer the ideal combination of strength and engine power, ease and effectiveness of operation and outstanding operating efficiency. The machines are fitted with both internally manufactured and DEUTZ AG engines. ZETOR TRACTORS now offers four model series: Major, Proxima, Forterra and Crystal. ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. presented the future of ZETOR in 2015 in the ZETOR by Pininfarina design study. For detailed information on the ZETOR brand and its products, go to


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31.3. - 4.4. 2020

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

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