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11.-14.4. 2021

International Fair of Agricultural Machinery

In 2014, Czech firms produced 2,453 tractors, the production over the past 5 years has been on a slight rise


Following the critical years of 2009 and 2010, the funds invested in the purchase of agricultural machinery have been slightly rising again. This is documented by the Czech tractor manufacture sales figures: 1,721 pcs were produced in 2009 and in  2014 it was as much as 2,453 pcs.  A similar number is expected this year.

From the point of view of the past 15 years, the sale of Czech tractors may be divided into two periods.  In the first (2000-2008), the production and sale increased up to 2,730 (2007) and 3,097 (2008) a year.  This was followed by a general economic slump, which was also reflected in the sector of agricultural machinery. In 2009 and 2010, the annual tractor production was almost half: 1,721 and 1,878 pcs.  However, the demand for tractors started again along with the economic revival and since 2011 it has increased from the lower threshold of 2,000 pieces (2,323 in 2011, 2,096 in 2012, 2,304 in 2013, 2,453 in 2014).

“According to the Association of Agricultural Machinery Importers and the Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Association a total of 2,453 tractors were sold in 2014 compared to 2,304 in 2013, which is an increase by 6.5 %,” says the director of the Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Association A.ZeT secretariat, Dušan Benža. However, the fact is that between 2009 and 2010 there was a major drop in the sales and the 2014 figures are thus roughly at a level of 2006.

The year 2015 will not be the best in the past 5 years

This year, we expect the total sales at a slightly lower level as a total of 1,308 tractors were sold between January to August 2015, which is less compared to the same period last year (1,478) but similar to 2011-2013, when this number over the first eight months ranged from 1,335 to 1 369 pieces sold.

86 % of the Zetor tractor production exported

The leading Czech tractor manufacturer, Zetor, sells only 14 % of its production in the domestic and Slovak markets, the overwhelming majority is traded abroad.  On the contrary, tractor imports to the CR have been dominated over the past 10 years by John Deere (23 %), New Holland (13 %) and Case IH (11 %). ZETOR is traditionally successful in Poland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. The manufacture and sale of tractors has a long history in the Czech Republic dating back to 1946 when Czechoslovak Zetor produced the first tractor Z 25.

European trade fairs of international importance: SIMA, AGRITECHNICA and TECHAGRO

Traditionally, Czech tractors are presented by their manufacturers at international trade fairs. The leading fairs in the European region are three: SIMA Paris, AGRITECHNICA Hannover and TECHAGRO in Brno. The latter is a part of a complex of trade fairs TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA (International Forestry and Hunting Fair), ANIMAL VETEX (International Veterinary Fair) and BIOMASA (Trade Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy in Agriculture and Forestry) which will take place between 3rd – 7th April 2016 in Brno.

“Over the past years, TECHAGRO has been the most successful project out of all fairs organised in the Czech Republic. For example, in 2014 the exhibition space covered 83,707 square meters, the number of visitors was 119,013 and the number of exhibitors totalled  743,” says the fair manager, Jan Kuběna, from BVV Trade Fairs Brno adding that the 14th edition of this fair in 2016 is expected by the promoters to be even more successful.

Date: 9 Nov 2015 11:00:00

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