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31.3. - 4.4. 2020

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Agriculture, forestry and hunting in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic has a rich agricultural and forestry tradition. Over 100,000 people work in over 47,000 agricultural holdings, agricultural land occupies 3.5 million hectares. The most frequently grown crops are wheat, barley and maize. 1.4 million cattle are bred in the Czech Republic.

Forests account for roughly one third of the Czech Republic's surface area (2.6 million hectares); most of them are managed by the state enterprise Lesy České republiky (Forests of the Czech Republic). Over 16 million cubic meters of wood are harvested annually. The total area of hunting grounds reaches almost 7 million hectares, hosting about 100,000 active hunters.

Marian Jurečka, Czech Minister of Agriculture: „TECHAGRO is a parade of the best that the Czech Republic can offer to Central Europe and the world in the field of agricultural technology and technology, as well as a showcase of what Europe can offer to Czech farmers.“

Date: 22 Nov 2017 09:32:00

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31.3. - 4.4. 2020

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

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