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8.-12.4. 2018

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Automatické funkce sklízecí mlátičky John Deere S700 - Interactive Combine


Product: Automatické funkce sklízecí mlátičky John Deere S700 - Interactive Combine
Location: Hall P, st. no. 007
Producer: John Deere Werke Zweibruecken
Exhibitor: STROM PRAHA a.s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

John Deere S700 series combines brings to market two major innovations for the automation of harvester work, which leads to its efficient use. Interactive Combine Adjustment 2 (ICA2) is the first complete system for complete automatic optimization of the combine harvester on the market. As input data, it is using information about the quality of the grain sample going into the grain tank and very detailed info about the amount and the structure of the tailings and the losses info. All these data come from two cameras is automatically evaluated and the background software algorithm decides to make the necessary changes to the settings of all the functional parts of the combine so the conditions that have been set by the operator at the beginning corresponds to the actual harvest quality requirements. Active Yield is the first system on the market that automatically performs continuous calibration of the yield sensor without the need for any operator input. Thanks to the ICA2 system, not too experienced operators can maintain the required quality of work and take advantage of the potential of the machine during the day and the season.


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