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8.-12.4. 2018

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Mapy rezistence škůdců řepky olejky proti účinným látkám insekticidů


Product: Mapy rezistence škůdců řepky olejky proti účinným látkám insekticidů
Location: Hall C, st. no. 005
Producer: Agritec Plant Research s.r.o.
Exhibitor: Agritec Plant Research s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Maps of resistance have summarized results of several research projects granted by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture (projects no. QH81218 and QJ1230077 and expertise project with title Monitoring of resistance of insect pests against active ingredients of pesticides in the Czech Republic) aimed at testing of susceptibility of important insect pests (pollen beetles, flea beetles of genus Phyllotreta, seed pod weevils) of oil-seed rape against some active ingredients of insecticides (lambda-cyhalothrin, cypermethrin, tau-fluvalinate, thiacloprid, chlorpyrifos-ethyl). The maps have illustrated geographical distribution of the populations of the tested insect pests showing certain levels of resistance across the area of the Czech Republic and partly also in Slovakia. The maps for all years of testing (at some active ingredients and pests the testing started in 2009), the tested organisms even the active ingredients are freely available on ÚKZÚZ websites under the option Phytosanitary portal: www.ukzuz.cz.


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