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8.-12.4. 2018

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

DNA test pro plášťové zbarvení koní


Product: DNA test pro plášťové zbarvení koní
Location: Hall C, st. no. 003
Producer: Výzkumný ústav živočišné výroby, v. v. i.
Exhibitor: Výzkumný ústav živočišné výroby, v. v. i.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

The DNA test allows optimized determination of the gene color combination in horses at the same time. The test is performed in a specialized molecular genetic laboratory of the Animal Science Institute in Prague. Farmers and horse breeders shall only provide the laboratory with a horsehair for DNA isolation and the ID data of the animal and its parents. Depending on the customer's requirement, one to seven genes can be tested simultaneously and the resulting color genotype is designed. The test is also good for predicting variants of possible colors in offspring and some genetic disorders connected with coat colour in horses.


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